African man hired to spread HIV


God bless the gays!
Wallahi what the hell is going on in africa? People are hiring old men to have sex with their underage daughters.

This disgusting man even had sex with a 12 YEAR OLD! I am sick and TIRED of this cursed continent!

The fact that hes raping and infecting these poor girls just breaks my heart:ohlord:

Im glad that somalia adopted islam and never turned out to have a culture like these xoolos.

Read the comments :damedamn:

"No wonder they all have hiv.."


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Let Them Eat Cake
There's a widely celebrated historical figure that did this. You figure.

U r a Liar. There is NO historical figure who gave people HIV. I will know. I know just about everything about HIV patients.


God bless the gays!
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