1. Shakespeare_aabihiis

    I have come to the conclusion…

    That I will marry a Somali woman. This Eid had me praying for forgiveness for even entertaining other groups of women. I apologize my anemic halimos 🙏🏾 :jcoleno:
  2. Medulla

    How does it make you feel when you approach someone you like?

    How does it make you feel when you approach someone you like? How do you react to their reaction? Do you tell her to f*ck off if she says no or give them your number by force ? If she invites you to go out would you accept it ? Do you treat girls differently based on their, race, religion or...
  3. Medulla

    A History of The Oromo People

    He tells it how it is anyone else have great content like this feel free to share it below
  4. Nice

    The truth

    Somali men who don’t pay for a woman’s dinner, clothes, perfumes, shoes, bags, rent, bills etc are a bunch of effeminate men and should be eradicated. May God give such men the indhoyar virus, good riddance! :hillarybiz:
  5. Medulla

    2020 is the year of the Bantu Queens

    For too long have we been under the tyranny of Somali women they have taken and taken from us without replenishing the nutrients they stole. They believe in original sin, blaming us faraaxs in the west for the sins of our fathers before some of us have even hit our twenty's! They are heartless...
  6. IftiinOfLife

    The Truth of Palestine

    Palestinians = Cad Cad of Arabs, very mixed group
  7. L

    Rest in Power, Aabe Siyaad, The Lion of Africa!

    Rest in Power, Aabe Siyaad, The Lion of Africa!
  8. Human


    For the reer Americans out there, you have to know that political leaders are taking advantage of every mistake Donald Trump is making and they are losing respect for Donald Trump. America First is just another way of saying 'We are going to isolate ourselves and other countries are going to...
  9. S

    The truth about dating and marriage in Islam

    Why do people think that you MUST date in order to find out whether an individual is compatible with you? It's a LIE. Don't fall for shaytaan's traps. If you're a male, you can go see the female that you intend to propose to without niqaab, they call this 'showfa'. You can even speak to her...