Democrat Release LGBT gay dude Anti-Trump Ad on TV

Awdalia Rising

SSpot Special Correspondent

Khaniis running for office in Maryland releases ad of him kissing his boyfriend with 2 random black kids sitting next to them and says “Take that trump”


Wtf is wrong with Democrats “Take that trump” kulaha, was your LGBT kiss suppose to do some ting?

This is how Democrat’s expect to be elected to office now :faysalwtf:

Simply release gay video :mugshotman:

No wonder Trump is President


That is what happens when the peasants form a party, in somalia when langaabs form a party based on their district, economic, education, security, foreign partners, morality, anti elitism landheeres of all clans, u will see such policies as they fight the elite landheere clans(conservatives, royals, huge ciidan, educated classes, business class, political class). This is inevitable in Somalia as they go to the polls fighting for langaab power(both parties will consist of each clan of langaabs from everywhere in the nation vs landheere is aruriyay) in all clan districts vs landheere power in their clan districts then it's down to policies only and the voting result kkkkk. Socialist vs Conservative Somali society starts to appear as the elite conservatives watch in fear the langaabs doing wild shit