1. 486th President

    @asli @blackjack come in 🧠

    @Asli asked for a fanfic since I’m a good writer let me know what y’all think ☺️ THE SCREENING it was a cold winter night when @BlackJack was walking home she then stumbled on a rock, brushed and forgotten. When a figured shadow had walked to her slowly @BlackJack was scared shockingly but it...
  2. Al-Burcaawi

    The Story of Farmaajo and the airport

    "Alrighty there you go saheeb, make sure to build a functional airport with that money now. It's an honor to waste money on a dead country" "Thank you sir, I will make Somalia great again!" Meanwhile in Villa Somalia... "Ayo my niggas listen up. We just got a fat check of 4,5 million...

    Translation please for Wan Iyo Waraabe I recently found this great song from the gabay tradition in the 1960s or 70s I would like someone to translate the song to English to gain a perspective on this style
  4. AarHawd_7

    Nigga was too fast today pulled a Abdi Bille on me

    So earlier today my sister told me that the last couple of days a weird black dude was creeping around their estate in South London. They basically live on the first floor of the estate, so everybody can look/creep through their windows. The nigga had the audacity to come back 3 nights in a row...
  5. warculus

    The sick Mudulood father and the proposals of Darandole and Ciise Mudulood

    I've come across a nice piece of oral history that i wasn't aware of about udeejeen and darandoole which also explains their their geographical settlements 'When the ancestral father Mudulood became sick and his two sons Ciise Mudulood and Darandoole Mudulood had to decide what to do with him...
  6. yasmin lan

    Somali guy catcalled me storytime

    :noneck:(This was like three weeks ago) I was on the tube at around like 2pm I saw a Somali guy around late 30s early 40s like 5’9 -10 I think; he was standing at the back of the empty carriage ( it was me him and two Canaan’s) I was minding my business listening to music when all of a sudden he...
  7. Benjamin

    What's your dhaqan celis experience?

    I wouldn't call my experience full dhaqan celis. It was just a 4 month period so I could meet my distant family. The year was 2009 ,It was soon summer. I have a cousin who was totally white washed at that time, So my dad & uncle decided to send us two to Kenya were we have relatives. Let me...
  8. Neo-Nidar

    Once upon a time....

    There was a Somali guy that loved Khat @bandit @miski @RoobleAlWaliid @TheXamarCadcadGuy