1. M

    Short story feedback request

    Hey people, Just published my second short story here: Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Manafesto

    Extremely Coward Halimos handout away all of their jewelry merchandise at their store to robbers behind un-breakable glass

    You can't make this,Waana ceebeeyseen kuwaan, even an indho-yar women weighting 80 lbs and standing as short as 4,11 inch all over the mall didn't fall for these lousy robbers :mjlol::pachah1:LMAO, these halimos are bunch cowards walahi, WTH, the whole mall was said to be a secure with...
  3. 486th President

    @asli @blackjack come in 🧠

    @Asli asked for a fanfic since I’m a good writer let me know what y’all think ☺️ THE SCREENING it was a cold winter night when @BlackJack was walking home she then stumbled on a rock, brushed and forgotten. When a figured shadow had walked to her slowly @BlackJack was scared shockingly but it...
  4. Al-Burcaawi

    The Story of Farmaajo and the airport

    "Alrighty there you go saheeb, make sure to build a functional airport with that money now. It's an honor to waste money on a dead country" "Thank you sir, I will make Somalia great again!" Meanwhile in Villa Somalia... "Ayo my niggas listen up. We just got a fat check of 4,5 million...

    Translation please for Wan Iyo Waraabe I recently found this great song from the gabay tradition in the 1960s or 70s I would like someone to translate the song to English to gain a perspective on this style
  6. AarHawd_7

    Nigga was too fast today pulled a Abdi Bille on me

    So earlier today my sister told me that the last couple of days a weird black dude was creeping around their estate in South London. They basically live on the first floor of the estate, so everybody can look/creep through their windows. The nigga had the audacity to come back 3 nights in a row...
  7. yasmin lan

    Somali guy catcalled me storytime

    :noneck:(This was like three weeks ago) I was on the tube at around like 2pm I saw a Somali guy around late 30s early 40s like 5’9 -10 I think; he was standing at the back of the empty carriage ( it was me him and two Canaan’s) I was minding my business listening to music when all of a sudden he...
  8. Benjamin

    What's your dhaqan celis experience?

    I wouldn't call my experience full dhaqan celis. It was just a 4 month period so I could meet my distant family. The year was 2009 ,It was soon summer. I have a cousin who was totally white washed at that time, So my dad & uncle decided to send us two to Kenya were we have relatives. Let me...
  9. Neo-Nidar

    Once upon a time....

    There was a Somali guy that loved Khat @bandit @miski @RoobleAlWaliid @TheXamarCadcadGuy