1. Revolutionary

    F'ed up this semester, need some tips for the next

    Alright so this semester was total shit, my grades were abysmal and embarrassing, and I'm gonna be repeating the same classes next semester (im already taking classes a grade higher than mine so its not that bad) i need to do better though because its not really the material its just me, virtual...

    Leetos first date

    I put nettles all over my face to convince the teacher i was ill, so i could meet a girl in the graveyard behind the school :banderas: it was worth it vvallhi
  3. Thugnificent


    I'm currently a first year civil engineering student (bachelor) thinking about doing architectur(bachelor) on the side. Any tips/ advice.
  4. Elijah Muhammed

    Teacher vs student about islam fight

    Bruh craziest thing happend today 2 people were fighting. a Arab kid and a swedish kid and after the teachers(white) broke up the fight the teacher talked with arab kid and said to him why are you fighting when it's ramadan. The arab kid got insanely mad about him talking about islam and started...
  5. Elijah Muhammed

    Fight beetwen schools

    Bruh this fight was huge litterly my school vs another school fought and i took part in it. Knocked out 3 people. Charged were pressed against many people who fought by the schools but the teachers didn't notice me fight so nothing happend to me. The people we fought were 3 year older than us...
  6. MariaMaria

    Crazy/Funny/Shocking stories from your school days

    We don't get school shootings or anything at the schools here in the UK however whenever I talk about my school experience to people , they always get shocked - Religious studies teacher has sexual relations with an 18 year old student(on the school grounds), she doesn't even get fired -...
  7. Madara x

    Digital Book launch of "Black Nomad - Dhimashada caqliga {Mental Death}"

    Greetings Fellow Somali's, I've recently self-published my first digital book. Book title: Black Nomad: Dhimashada caqliga {Mental Death} Book abstract: This book examines the public education system of the city of Toronto with a qualitative and ethnographic lens. In the first few chapters...
  8. O

    Afro-Caribbean school opens in London

    Dance class at I Am School of Excellence The Saturday school, I Am School of Excellence, which runs fortnightly offers a variety of black history classes, African and Caribbean inspired dance lessons and food lessons at Chobham Academy, in Cheering Lane, East Village. Founder and Owner, Julia...
  9. SultanuuFicaan

    Kacaan era School Books

    It's been digitilised, ever wanted to know what our forefathers were learning in school? ever wanted to find out the curriculum back in the 1970's? Here it is;;do=search_results;sb=allfield;type=zzzzz;allfield=&nh=1 Enjoy my brothers and...