1. I

    Why isn’t PL leaving?

    Hello fellow Somalis, I’m not an expert in Somali politics or any politics in general. However, i tune in from time to time or hear from my parents how the country is doing. I have been keeping up a bit too much in the past couple of months and today we hear that the ATIMS troops aren’t...
  2. Internet Nomad

    [Rant] Lost Cause

    I think its time for us to set our priorities straight and recognise the bleak reality. I believe it is useless to debate qabayalad online with someone older than 30. The vast majority of those who were able to witness the civil war still carry psychological scars from it and have great...
  3. Smokybob03

    Change my view: Wheat is a poison that was introduced into our people by foreigners. It is not the natural food of our ancestors

    For the majority of our history our ancestors did not eat wheat or wheat based foods which made them tough, lean and upright. Wheat has made our people get fat easier when it’s not our natural body shape (we were meant to be lean). When the men or women get fat it looks very unnatural on us...
  4. Odkac WRLD

    Why do I feel this way?

    Do you ever get frustrated by continually being put into a group you aren’t in? In my city most farax don’t go to college, and the ones at university are treated like mythological creature lmao All I see is 24/7 Somali guys ain’t shit, Somali guys are broke, they are ugly etc I cannot lie I...
  5. PiratePrincess

    Human behavior: My group vs other

    Here's something I've observed: People like to say we're all equal. We're all human beings, equal under the eyes of god. My group isn't above yours, and yours isn't above mine. This is said in all groups wether race, qabil, country, religion, hair texture, etc.. it's endless. In all categories...
  6. HuunoHunter

    Somali Mother ranting about the D.

    Coriander helps cool down the geed! :ayaanswag::ileycry::siilaanyolaugh:
  7. HuunoHunter

    Turkish raised Somali Woman ranting about Somali Men.

    I agree with her in the end. Look after your kids. Lol
  8. VixR

    How To Make A Thread 101

    Goddammit, I have a tension headache. Why, you ask? You! That's why. Why? 1. First off, the title shouldn't be a run-on sentence that trails into the main post when you run out of 'title' characters *cough* @UncleMenace *cough*. Also, capitalize the first character of every word in the...