1. Reformed J

    In $1 billion settlement of brain injury claims, the NFL uses an algorithm that assumes black players start off with lower cognitive abilities

    https://apnews.com/article/health-nfl-race-and-ethnicity-sports-066d9fd6bd85f5b5023207467701fde4 Race norming (also called race correction) has been utilized as an important parameter in medicine via algorithms that often displace blacks compared to everyone else. Common corrections at some...
  2. J

    TRIGGER WARNING Anti Somali hate by black people

    I know some of you lot think this “race/ Somalis aren’t black debacle/debate is rinsed out and soo 2016. Wallahi I’m absolutely exhausted and I don’t want to paint myself as a victim because I absolutely can’t stand people feeling sorry for me. However, I feel like I need to say this as I’m...
  3. Milano Ahmed

    African writer claps back to racist question by a French journalist

    “Do they read books in Nigeria” :dead: It’s not even subtle racism. You can tell how low she thinks of Nigerians and Africans in general by her question she probably thinks Africans are still primitive :mjlol:
  4. Milano Ahmed

    TRENDING NEWS Karen blocks a Tyrone from leaving a Mercedes Benz Dealership

    The Karen said “you don’t belong here” and that “you’re trespassing” it’s not even subtle racism :mjlol: What she’s tryna say is aint no way a Nigga bought this fancy car he must’ve stolen it :pachah1:
  5. Reformed J

    Black newborns are more likely to survive childbirth if they're cared for by Black doctors, but 3 times more likely to die w/ white docs

    https://www.pnas.org/content/early/2020/08/12/1913405117 Medical racism is very real https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/18/health/black-babies-mortality-rate-doctors-study-wellness-scli-intl/index.html
  6. AarHawd_7

    One simple question for all my Somalis

    Why do Somalis always cry about white or arab racism, when Somalis are toxic and racist asf themselves?
  7. Medulla

    Discuss why is Colorism so prevalent in the Somali Community ?

    Most Somali's show apparent ignorance about the practice of exclusion and discrimination based on the skin tone of a person although it is a deep-rooted problematic practice embraced by both the oppressor and the victim. Colorism a topic in which the Somali Community for decades has ignored and...
  8. S

    Italian Football : Racism.

    Anti-racist campaign featuring monkeys ! Epic fail.
  9. CaliTedesse

    Ancient Egypt Land of Punt in Eastern Africa cure to Racism?

    Since we all know land of Punt was in Eastern Africa abihiin wasse (pardon my Fransiis) Yacni ii dhageysada researchers found that the most logical place for the Land of Punt was Eastern African especially Horn of Africa they proved this with a xaywaan wa lakiin I'm not done. Back to topic yaa...
  10. Prince Abubu


    Somalis need to start using the term 'Anti-Cushite'. Say it to everyone, use it with your friends and coworkers. Anytime someone on Twitter criticizes Somalis or jokes about us, report them and say they are engaging in Anti-Cushiticism. Next time someone jokes about my name being "Abdi" or how...
  11. CanIDimo

    interracial: Woke White Women, mashallah

    I love the sarcasm in this video although it's over done
  12. CanIDimo

    AA girls uncover the hate towards Somalis on social media

    at 5:10 she says that she thinks it's somali culture for the somali women to bash their men on social media 24/7s so she thinks it's not a big deal when it comes from somali girls :siilaanyolaugh:
  13. Yungmulababy23


    Why doesn't anyone talk about this muslims are treated way worse than blacks, if you have a muslim name and you try to go on dating sites, or apply for a job you'll have a negative chance of succeeding. Years ago I had this job at this store I was working with these african and I was treated way...
  14. Yungmulababy23

    Have you ever experience racism

    I have one time back when I was a college student I worked at this store with a couple of african negros, they knew I was Somali right off the bat and they hated me. They would try to make me do all the work while they just talked in Swahili talking hella crap about me.
  15. Puffin Stuff

    Xenophobia and Racism (Improvements)

    As a highly homogenous coastal nation with little history of resident foreigners, it is perhaps unsurprising that racism runs rampant, especially as anti-discrimination laws do not exist outside of a few special cases. Bantu's, most of them the descendants of forced laborers (Slaves) Either...
  16. NotAjnabi

    Who are the most racist members?

    I'd say @Factz @Jennifer @The Cushitic One @Reiko @Biggie These people have a strong hate against Madows, madhiban or beckys from my experiences. Some might even hate all of them. Weird. Who do you think is the most racist?
  17. S

    Somali guy explain why white people aren't racist

    I agree with the brother :manny:
  18. shanqale son

    Subxanallah H&M needs to check their privilege. #BOYCOTT

    Do you guys know that black people were called monkeys during slavery and the Civil Rights. Really disgusting behavior.
  19. N

    Naago afrikaan oo slave laga dhigay in Hindi movie

    Black women are portrayed as slaves in this Hindi movie. :gucciwhat::farmajoyaab: And in this clip, naagihii raped the hindi guys. And they want xaalmareen :russ:
  20. Jodeci

    Yemen enacts law forbidding half Black Yemenis from obtaining Citizenship

    But Somalis wanna cape for Yemen though :gucciwhat: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2014/04/yemen-muwaladeen-struggle-equal--20144415253333236.html Despite the long history of Yemeni traders travelling abroad, immigrating, and forming cross-cultural families, the term "Muwalad" is...