Who are the most racist members?

Which one is the most racist?

  • Factz

  • Jennifer

  • The Cushitic One

  • Reiko

  • Biggie

  • Xalimathe6

  • Somaliweyn unionist

  • Ahmed Alawi

  • OmarAli

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How can you forget the most racist user of all time. @xalimathe6 :faysalwtf:

Have you seen @OmarAli :deadosama:

I'm just a proud Somali that's all but I'm not racist and I hate no one who is not Somali and that's me being honest. Most of my friends are Anjabi so chill. :whoa:
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Mali Mo

I still dont give a f*ck
How the hell can you be racist against Madhibaan we aint a race, we are ethnic Somalis the proper term you are looking for is clannist or qabilista. Wallahi some of you niggas is dumb as f*ck.