One simple question for all my Somalis


Make Dhulos Great Again
Only western Somalis do so because it’s cool to be a victim in the west but back home no one gives a shit.


They don't. It's a new phenomenon from all these BLM girls (and homosexuals) wanting to be victimized.
Why do Somalis always cry about white or arab racism, when Somalis are toxic and racist asf themselves?
Because it has a bigger impact when it’s a hegemonic group. It doesn’t have that much affect on anyone at all due to our lack of influence.

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I don't cry, i have studied the history of the ethnicities present in my country to counter any racist comment.

let's say the turks are wilding, i simply bring up the mongolian subject
any arab that chimps out receives an reference about the very same monoglian subject
any madow is easy i bring up white oppression.
and the native themselves are not spared, they really got fucked over in the second world war by nazi germany. to the point that they have learned to speak german in just fourteen days.


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It's only xalimo dh1los calacaaling about "racism" the men don't give two fukks with the exception of a couple dayouths
Somalis even the ones who act woke are racist and tribalist. Push a few buttons and it jumps out.
I always tell my friends at least I’m not a hypocrite when they’re out here protesting BLM but in the next breath cuss out ppls features and cultures smh