1. A

    The Macrobian Clothing?!

    There’s this new business on Instagram and TikTok called Everysided. They have a clothing bathrobe called The Macrobian. Cultural appropriation? Or Support the Somali owned brand.
  2. R

    Somali iceberg

    What stage are you in?
  3. R

    Only in Somalia

    My friend sent me this lol. :deadrose: :deadmanny:
  4. N

    My phone is being tracked - help😱😱

    My keyboard(mobile) got qabiil names now and I have never typed it before not what I can think of anyways, maybe only isaaq..Why is that? Is it because of my increased usage of sspot? I’m so confused right now wlh, I was texting someone on snap and accidentally sent majeerteen wtf...
  5. Rooble44

    How can we change qabyaalad for the better?

    I just came back from Somalia last month, and the older I get and visit the motherland, the more I understand and appreciate the culture, the philosophy and the societal norms and customs. One main theme that piqued both my interest and undivided attention was the qabyaalad that runs through the...
  6. Mahamed

    CULTURE Somali names and regional differences?

    I have been asking myself why northern somalis have different names, and I think because we had a different origin! ( Only somaliland region) Bidde Kayd Keyse Kaahin Badeed Kaliil Raage Biniin Bayle maax, Riyaale Seed Faahiye Warfaa(maybe oromo?), Abrayn Sahal Cabdilaahi Abokor.
  7. Toriye

    How important is your qabiil to you?

    Rer qurbo, we have the privilege to see past qabiil and all its shenanigans partly due to being surrounded by ajinabis all the time. We start to realize how much more important than qabiil the Somali people are. We start to miss that comfort you feel only when you are surrounded by your people...
  8. Al-Burcaawi

    how did you or your parents come to the West?

    how tho? did you lie about qabiil and region? did you get the five star family reunification/sponsoring thingie or did you do tahriib? share your thoughts:gaasdrink:
  9. Daacad90

    Why do somalis do this???

    So yesterday I was with my family at the airport to pick up my abti who's coming from sweden. We stumbled upon this somali family and they come to greet us cause why not, somalinimo and and all that and the first thing they say is not salam the first thing they ask is what is your qabiil...
  10. Merchant of Mogadishu

    The dynamics of "Muh Qabiil" Syndrome

    What is "Muh Qabiil" Syndrome? "Muh Qabiil" Syndrome is a deadly neurological parasitic infection brought about by the qabyaalad parasite. It mainly affects Somalis. How does someone become infected? They way they become infected is through the parasite itself burrowing and finding its way...
  11. Edo Nene

    Model Legend Iman and David Bowie's Daughter....

    Looks like an arab and Spanish mixture to me. What yall think?
  12. Sharmarke

    We need to ban Qabyaalad and anything doing with it, if we want to progress

    Qabiil is our only and greatest weakness. We must address and eliminate this weakness completely if we want our next generation and country to survive. As individuals who have either experienced the Somali Civil War first hand or whose families were affected, we understand the devastation that...
  13. Prince Abubu


    Is basically like joining a club with high monthly premiums but zero perks.:ohlord:
  14. HuunoHunter

    This shit had me rolling!

  15. $

    Denouncing Qabiilism

    I am denouncing my inherent qabiilism as it has given me a shroud of bias that serves only to obscure my perception of particular historical events. Just today I have noticed the error in my ways :jcoleno: I thought I had an impeccable understanding of the civil war, only today have I realised...