1. Z

    How to not be xaasid

    One of the reasons I wanted to be the 'king of the hill' in every social situation was because I thought being superior would protect me form the harm of people. But now I realize I don't have to be dominant I just need to rely on Allah. I can now accept that some folks are better than me. At...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Kanini Appreciation Thread

    I don’t know much about her and have had little encounters with her on sspot, but she radiates such positive vibes I feel it through my PC:salute: during one of my darkest days on SSpot, my photo was leaked. As people gawked at it and talked about my appearance, she was the one who alerted a...
  3. Odkac WRLD

    Quick reminder for everyone

    Be happy, be grateful you were born a Muslim, be proud of who you are I don’t care what it is: you couldn’t get into that one class, you didn’t get the job, you just stepped on a hot wheel...if something is not meant for you it isn’t meant for you. Something a lot better is coming. I don’t...
  4. Odkac WRLD

    A dead rapper is gonna get me laid

    You may or may not know this but the perfect qalanjo at my uni added me a week ago. now I have a certain policy with xalimos, but she’s too perfect to pass up :banderas: she got thick futo which imma make thicker :pachah1: and wide hips meant for child rearing I may End up wifing her if she...
  5. Odkac WRLD

    Guys and gals, remember to be grateful !

    I’ve noticed we are all quick to pray when times are hard...but not when we are doing very well. We should change this! This threads vibe will be a lot more positive than most of mine....but I just wanted to spread some positivity man, you gotta enjoy life you gotta remember why were here...
  6. S

    Asma Dhamac

    Positive Xalimo. Masha Allah. We need more videos like this in af soomali.
  7. Odkac WRLD

    Young Xalimos of SSpot let’s spread positivity!

    These are prompts directed towards all teen or twenty something xalimos here 1) What are your hopes for life in the next 3-5 years? What diaspora are you in? 2)do you see yourself marrying a Somali Man? Yes or no, no judgement 3) based on how your parents raised you, would you raise your...
  8. D

    What are the positive stereotypes about the different clans?

    I've seen lots of negative ones like Darod's beat their women, Isaaqs look down on everyone else, and southerners are too soft (not sure how to split it upinto different clans)
  9. Waxwaalan

    Non Somalis come in :) <3

    I’ve noticed there are more & more non geeljires on here these days. :leon: I’m not as active on here as i used to be :yloezpe: Anyways, i find it interesting :) Where are ya’ll from? And how did ya’ll find this site. Let’s have a nice convo & get to know eachother :ohdamn::samwelcome:
  10. U

    TedGlobal Fellow - Abdigani Diriye

    Meet the 10 African trailblazers on the TEDGlobal 2017 list Somali tech entrepreneur and inventor is driving the Somalian tech scene through coding camps, incubators and accelerator programs. Diriye's mission is to create commercially viable tech startups and businesses in Somalia and to...
  11. Nin xun

    General Positivity and Good Vibes Thread

    Since a lot of post lately have been of a negative nature, I've decided to post a general thread for positivity and good vibes to balance that shit out. So just post here everytime you have something good going on for you, post here and share em good vibes walaal. :denzelnigga::ohhhdamn: I'll...
  12. M

    Positive vibes

    Spirituality thread