Reer Muqdisho come in and please explain

Can someone please explain to me the meaning behind this song....


It's slyly a banger.....but something very "mooryani" about it... Is it a kids song that incites theft and rape?

First time seeing it today after a Reer Somaliland guy said these are the types of songs reer Xamar make. Well this and Mursal Faladagan's infamous banger "Kackac jaceyl uu kac"

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I remember my dad showing me this yeaaars back on TV! I still catch myself yelling 'wa boowa (sp)? badan gala' in the kitchen to this day.

What does it even mean?


Mudug menaces don't mince their words
I vividly remember those times man after dugsi, playing hide and seek while singing this song :ahh:it came out when the 500 shilling was changed to the one we have right now the (1k sh)
Why don’t you go to Mogadishu and find out yourself sxb. That is if you can manage to stay alive :siilaanyolaugh:
The only time I will go muqdisho is with a fully loaded rifle and a bomb strapped to my chest akhi, with my blood I shall get back my aunties '91 plate toyota corolla
Theft and rape:lawd:

You mean like printing fake currency and shooting women's privates after a failed rape attempt.

No we don't have that boowe nina nina

Bahal weynta yala kaa boojenin, bacdaa duuqsooo :damnmusic:


Mudug menaces don't mince their words
The best time i haaaaaad. I cannot describe that:lawd: time in words. Wallee Ciyaalnimo waa ciil laga koro :kanyehmm: why are you reminding me sxb:wtfdis:


Mudug menaces don't mince their words
too bad you can't go back in time. Marka la koro ciyaalnimo ma lagu noqdo. hehheheheheheh
I know wallahi it was a time of too much shit going on yet i managed to have so much fun, i still have memories left. Shit i can't put in to words wallahi :banderas:


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This song is littt. :banderas::banderas:

It used to come on universal TV back when I was a school kid. Oh the memories. :jcoleno:

That odey is a well known comedian, this song is for banter. It’s about not getting your things stolen, not stealing and rapping, what are you on?