1. JamalFarah

    Heavy weaponry post-embargo , why it's taking so long to acquire them.

    Ever since the embargo has been lifted, everyone's been wondering how long it'll take for the government to acquire real heavy weaponry, like bomber aircraft, heavy artillery, or armored vehicles. One reason is obvious: money. These things cost money, involving political maneuvering, technical...
  2. Manafesto

    Somalia's Military suppresses Two European countries in global military power scale for countries around the world

    Although this is great and heartwarming story for me read but I not quite happy about Turkish government or any other foreign governments passing our military strength to global fire power agency, this clearly show Turkish military know in and outs of Somali government and military in detail...
  3. The Somali Caesar

    NISA soldiers in Mogadishu have gone on strike

    They’ve gone on strike and blocked off the roads in protest. They claim they haven’t been paid in 3 months.
  4. Odkac WRLD

    Story time: I almost joining the military

    I come from a long line of warriors, and by the time I was 18 the only battles I was familiar with the FKD campaigns at Starbucks... I had the grades for uni, but wanted something more from life. I wanted to join something bigger than myself. I also long term wanted to be a doctor, then. There...


    Today this happened If y'all want me to post the statement by al-Shabaab about the base attack with its usual Wahhabist drivel, feel free to reply your affirmation
  6. angelplan

    The world’s biggest military base

  7. CaliTedesse

    Somalia putting in work deploying Turkish trained Somali soldiers in Baidoa

    A few of my cousins are there along with other Turkish trained Somali soldiers. I encourage more Reer Awdal to become part of military. This is a job and many people are jobless in the North. This way they can sustain their families. We need more work. A lot of youth are jobless in the North...
  8. Puffin Stuff

    At what point did it become unlikely for Somalia to beat the Ethiopia in an all out war...

    I've read some history books and am really intrested in the geo-political conflicts of these two nations I myself believe a united somali lost the ability to crush Ethiopia when somaliland declared or considered herself independent is when the somali nation cease to be strong enough to beat...
  9. Cumar

    Russia In Talks With Breakaway Republic Of Somaliland To Build A 1500-Man Naval Base Africa, Defence News, Europe, Intelligence News, Military Intelligence, Russia, Somalia,Terrorism & War April 12, 2018 by Goldberg Russia is reportedly in talks with...
  10. chosen one

    Turkey's military video

    :kanyehmm: these people could probably defeat al shabaab in less 24 hours :ohhh::ohhh::ohreally:
  11. DRACO

    Somaliland is djibouti's nightmare!

    Djibouti's president IOG this week cancelled Dp world doraleh port contract illegally because he got afraid of somaliland becoming serious completion and putting a end to djiboutis monolpoly. The UAE was refused military base in djibouti so it went to somaliland , same region for the fraction...
  12. Prince Abubu

    Indian Sac-caabuds develop first ever Rail-gun

    Indian defense scientists have successfully developed electromagnetic railguns (EMRG) :farmajoyaab:
  13. Xooshdheere

    Maalinta Kacaanka

  14. Xooshdheere

    New vehicles for the SNA

    New vehicles for the SNA. Part of a deal with China. ...and more.
  15. Merchant of Mogadishu

    Favourite Military Generals in History

    Mine would be: 1. Khalid ibn al Walid (RA) 2. Alexander the Great 3. Salah ad-Din 4. Hannibal Barca 5. Napoleon 6. Genghis Khan 7. Suleiman the Magnificent 8. Julius Caesar 9. Belisarius 10. Marcus Aurelius 11. Subutai 12. Selecus I Nicator 13. Cyrus the Great 14. Mehmed the Conqueror 15...
  16. Xooshdheere

    Turkish Military Base in Somalia,

    Turkish Armed Forces announces: their mission to train and support the Somalia military forces in TSK military base in Somalia started today.
  17. dr.leorio

    And so it begins..

    U.S. drone strikes from the CIA base located southwest of Mogadishu has begun attacking the Al Shabab terrorist group that's supposedly linked with Alqeada. What will become of Somalia when innocent Somali civilians get killed and are euphemistically called "collateral damage"? Does this...
  18. Prince Abubu

    So many weirdos and dodgy contractors in Somalia

    She's either part of a cult or she's a military contractor.:mindblown: