A quiet observation

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I was sitting at a coffee shop just waiting for my order while on my phone, I noticed across me was a couple they were young probably middle 20s, university maybe, she looked delicate and gorgeous she had super soft eyes she reminded me of keira knightley, and he was above average maybe a little less, every time that man spoke to her , her eyes lit up, she was smiling so much, what did she see in him, I wondered? I looked better than him but I wasn't him... and she was happy, at peace, knowing she found a soulmate, when my coffee came i started to focus on my phone, but couldn't ignore it, at that moment I've never felt more lonely in my entire life, I almost broke down..


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kkkkkkk I feel you sxb, I see a hot girl sometimes wondering why I don't have her but then remember there is still millions of other girls to choose from.
I am very handsome myself (not to mention loyal as f*ck) but I don't have a partner. I wouldn't worry. Someone will come your way


What you saw there was new love. It peaks and plummets like the stock market, fades, and then, more often than not, it flatlines; dying completely.
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I got creeped out reading your post. I'm guessing this wasn't your first time observing this couple.
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