1. aduunka220

    does israel support al shabaab

  2. Manafesto

    NEWS Puntland lawmaker from Cayn,Toghdheer region of PL wants Somaliland gov't listed as terror group
  3. Helios

    Global Impact

  4. Helios

    Jabba the Jihadi Gets Arrested

    This fat ass high ranking ISIS cleric got caught and imprisoned by the Iraqis :ftw9nwa:
  5. CaliTedesse

    Bashar the Lion of the Middle East

    Wallahi billahi he is a true leader that stood by his country in the most dire situations. While other fake leaders fled during a rebellion he is still in the capital and has regained control of his country against enemies of the state. He has proven to many opposed to him that he is their...
  6. Nuur Iidaan

    Another ISIS girl is trying to come back to America.

    Will she accepted back? Shamima Begun had her citizenship revoked, will the US follow suit?
  7. SLMan990

    Amisom bouta turn off the taps on Som Gov

    For decades the amisom Madow have taken good care of the darods. Many of the darod have grown fat off the amisom support but all thats gonna come to an end. Amisom approved plans to withdraw completely by 2021 and leaving the darod totally on they own. Amisom even indirectly says in the HOL...
  8. Prince Abubu

    Iran Under Attack

  9. Prince Abubu

    ISIS nicca makes FBI agent fall in love with him

    FBI translator married Isis recruiter she was meant to be investigating This nicca got game.:mjlol::salute:
  10. Madara x

    Christian Radical Extremisim: In the middle ages, Why did European nations operate like "ISIS"?

    Greetings fellow Somali's, The answer to the question that I've mentioned in the thread-title, has been presented in section 3.0 of my "New world order" video presentation series. Please watch the section below, and give me some feed back on my youtube channel and on this thread... “If you...
  11. Duchess

    Somali wanna-be ISIS terrorists may get "deradicalization" instead of prison I say throw the book at them and let them rot in prison. ISIS fanboys can't be saved.
  12. Duchess

    60 Minutes interview with Somali leader of ISIS cell in Minneapolis

    Edit: You can watch the full interview here.
  13. Duchess

    Somali mother branded a snitch, has life threatened after son cooperated with feds ISIS trial

  14. Duchess

    Brain science & why young, non-religious, Somali Americans join ISIS

    Can brain science tell us more than the Quran about why young, non-religious Somali Americans would want to kill and die in Syria for ISIS? What do Tylenol, schoolyard bullies, chocolate and our self-image have to do with young Somali-Americans from Minnesota ending up in Syria fighting for...
  15. Duchess

    'Average Mohamed'. One Somali Man's War On Jihadis
  16. B

    breaking news; hillary clinton to deliver major speech about radicalization in somali community :ohdamn: any other u of m student here?