Somali mother branded a snitch, has life threatened after son cooperated with feds ISIS trial

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HRH Duchess of Puntland, The Viscount of Garoowe

Deqa Hussen said she had learned the price of cooperating: “They’ve been calling me snitch.”

Her oldest son, Abdirizak Warsame, 21, briefly acted as the leader of a group of friends as they planned to travel to Syria in 2014. He pleaded guilty and testified for prosecutors, telling the jury how he had wanted the rewards of martyrdom.

Now, Ms. Hussen said, longtime friends and strangers have accused her of selling her son to the government. During the trial, she said, the mother of another defendant threatened her life.

“I have to respect the government and I have to respect my son,” she said. “My culture is a culture of silence. You cannot speak your rights.”
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