1. M

    What are the blue areas called in my webpage?

  2. alien

    Career Path

    I'm 15. My parents always told me to become a doctor. I always wanted to also but in the last year I realised I'm good at this subject at my school called DVC (which is design). This subject is used for architecture. I'm considering becoming an architectural designer. Do you think this is a...
  3. 486th President

    Somali Stereotypes 🧕🏾 🙋🏾‍♂️ (Are the true at all)

    Can someone confirm these claims I’m crying right nowwwwww apparently there a lot of stereotypes for Somalis can someone make a list or debunk these claims I’ve made a list of the stereotypes as well can someone confirm some of these because a lot of them are questionable and down right false...
  4. 486th President

    What should my new profile pic be

    give me some photos this is the current one and now I need a new one
  5. Farahslayer

    Can someone translate these Somali phrases to me in English

    Being as I’m new to Sspot I don’t know all the lingo but I thought I understood most Somali. Some of the phrases written on this board baffled me. Mhmm waaxaad dilmu alahu tag daya oo bola muu muu fela Jira haassa mane galburo iyo halmac diftura wandan Aniga kataladu borre yahay This isn’t...
  6. lalayariis

    How to get over someone

    I had a crush on this dude for 3 years, and only seriously the past year and I just found out he has a girl now. He was the sweetest boy ever, and would always appreciate me but I guess he didn’t like me like that which is life. Lowkey genuinely thought he might have liked me though, he sent to...
  7. L

    20 year old female and not allowed to travel!!

    I'm in a tough predicament. My parents have always been fairly lenient on me and I've never given them a reason to doubt me. I am a full-time uni student and work full-time as well. But my mom refuses for me to go overseas, even countries where I have IMMEDIATE family. They tried to use the...
  8. Puffin Stuff

    Land back home

    I’ve been given a plot of land by my father I have no idea what to do with it I’ve never even considered buying unplotted land I can’t sell it because it’ll probably upset him and idk who would buy it it’s by the sea (Red Sea) I’ve got like 300 quid max to spend on it what tf do I do? I’m pretty...
  9. Nasiib Gaashaan Cade

    Guys can help this Somali mom with breast cancer

    She got breast cancer, guys please help her, if you can. Wlhi I couldn't finish watching the video Here is the Facebook link
  10. A

    Helping wife with house chores?

    I saw a few people talking about this topic in another thread so i thought it would interesting to find out what people's views are? Are you as a guy someone who would always help your wife with chores or only if she is ill or pregnant? Are you as a women, someone who expects your husband to...
  11. NotAjnabi

    Where can I learn somali poetry?

    I have no one to ask in my family in the west, nor can I ask anyone in the homeland. Im very interested in it ever since hearing K'naans music. Please dont hijack, I dont wish to ignore half the site.
  12. Hades

    Name a more iconic duo

    Youtube & exam season :tacky:
  13. Waxwaalan

    Gaal knocked on my door. Help me. S.O.S

    I'm thinking its my fam, so when im looking at the peephole, i see a madow man. I'm thinking it could be a geeljire guy my dad sent to get something as he usually does, but thinking still not gonna open cuz i'm in my sheed. So i take another look & realize its a madow man. I go to the...
  14. S

    There is a scorpion in my house

    How in the hell do you get rid of it? He is hiding somewhere and it's night time in Somalia and can't be bothered to look for it. Only about 25 of the 1,500 known species of scorpions can deliver stings that are fatal to humans. And most of these potentially lethal scorpions can't kill healthy...