1. Manafesto

    NEWS Puntland Women's Basketball team volunteer to play against Djbouti & to raise awareness for child marriage after the SL team was denied by Islamists

    Mashalah, look how tall and beautiful is the Puntland Women's team is and on top of that they are offering their talent for free inorder to raise awareness on child marriage and FGM, that is one of a hella Noble cause and selfless act l, Mashalah I am proud of them, I hope they win against...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Faraax Nation: thoughts on older women

    I can’t even lie I turn 20 tomorrow, and I’m only attracted to females a lot older than I am. I have some tingz my age I talk to often, but nothin gets to me more than a nice 25-28 year old single xalimo who got her shit together. A lotta the girls my age are still in their young face yk? Maybe...
  3. S

    Documentary on gendercide. “It’s a girl”.

  4. A

    How to talk to somali girls in uni?

    I just graduate from high school, I want to prepare for uni. Since uni is whole different ball game than HS tell me how am I suppose to approach somali girls? They move as a pack and my skills aren’t unlocked to perform a approach to group of girls. I can approach one or two max three. How...
  5. rr.shouzz

    How do I talk to religious hijabi's?

    I'm used to talking to non-religious girls that are down to have some fun. I get the number and usually take the conversation in a flirty/sexual direction. Right now I'm talking to this beautiful Somali girl that seems very religious. She wears hijab and dresses modestly. Problem is our...
  6. Zach

    I think my Somali aunt is spying on me!

    Hello humans, A little backstory: I work for organization that works with children with disabilities, at the weekend and sometimes we take trips to amusement parks or to the movies and stuff.. So Saturday a girl I work with and I took five kids to park a couple miles away so we got a car from...
  7. Ahmed Alawi

    [POLL] Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says a girls urine is worse than a boys

    In this glorious hadith, after having his clothes urinated on by his grandson, Muhammad teaches that girl's urine is worse than boy's urine. So why is girl's urine worse? Ibn Uthaymin writes: If it is said, “What is the reason why the urine of a boy who is not eating food is sprinkled and not...
  8. Buraanbur911

    Hey Girls!! - xasidnimo from other girls

    hello to those guys who are peeping through the womens spot as well. Anyways this spot isn't as active as the other ones so i was like might as well post something. I was just wondering have you guys realised within the somali community we can be actually so xasid to each other and not want...
  9. Xooshdheere

    What's with xalimos and SJW?

    Imagine explaining to your awoowe that Somali girls in the West would be calling you a racist for saying Somalis are a distinct ethnic group. They are brainwashed by the media. They are fast to call you out being racist or anti blackness for not identifying black. This is just absurd. This can...
  10. Madaxkuti

    Girls repping SL

    I'd love to see @The Cushitic One in these shirts :lolbron:
  11. Prince Abubu

    Why? Just Why?

    Wearing a Xijab with leggings. What's the point covering your head, if your booty's going bliq bliq? These Muslim girls are fitna...:ohlord:
  12. S

    Somali Girls and Dating

    I came across this video. It's a follow-up to the one Duchess posted. Take a look and tell me what you think.