1. A Mean Guy

    SABIIB Restaurant Review

    So I finally decided to go to the overhyped Somali restaurant in Acton, London and this is my review. Outside, it does not really look like a restaurant but at least they put effort into the interior. My recent visit to Sabiib left me with mixed feelings. While the restaurant had its share of...
  2. nanagriffithphobe

    Stop making other Somalis who want to the gym feel their goal physic isn't attainable because YOU aren't seeing results.

    Hello, I've been a bit confused when Somali guys and even some gyals say it's "hard to gain muscle" and "our genetics suck". First of all, I only know 3 Somali guys at my gym and all 3 of them are buff but ill talk about myself. So I started going to the gym for 8 months in a lean bulk. For...
  3. Calaami

    What a vacation to Somalia should be like

    We need a spectacular tourism ministry when the petrochemical bag comes in :wow: to make up for the failed state jokes
  4. senor chang

    Chinese people eat this

  5. Smokybob03

    Change my view: Wheat is a poison that was introduced into our people by foreigners. It is not the natural food of our ancestors

    For the majority of our history our ancestors did not eat wheat or wheat based foods which made them tough, lean and upright. Wheat has made our people get fat easier when it’s not our natural body shape (we were meant to be lean). When the men or women get fat it looks very unnatural on us...
  6. Thegoodshepherd

    ANALYSIS Rise in cost of living in Somalia (since February)

    The cost of living for a family of 6 by state. Source: Guide to understanding the data: Food Non-Food Total Basket
  7. The Somali Caesar

    Guy eats Kebab right in front of Angry Animal Rights activists 🤣😂

    The guy is such a troll but I absolutely love it :russ: :mjlol:
  8. Thegoodshepherd

    ANALYSIS Access map of Somalia

    It seems that food aid is very hard to get to most of Southern Somalia. Everything in red is inaccessible according to the World Food Program. It is no wonder that people are walking to Dolo on the Ethiopian border from as far away as Baydhabo.
  9. The Somali Caesar

    Old Wife swap clip still makes me laugh

  10. The Somali Caesar

    Black women vandalising a food joint in Nyc

    over not getting extra sauce for their fries. Wallahi first world problems :mjlol:
  11. Manafesto

    NEWS Opposition groups in Somaliland criticize SL President Muse Bihi for the raise of food/fuel prices in SL & allowing relative's companies have monopoly

    In the recent years Muse Bihi along with his HA clan businessmen and relatives have been waging an economic Jihad on rival clans, with Bihi on their side and at their disposable the world renowned corrupt company that has monopoly over importing fuel into Somaliand is burden and conflicts with...
  12. Villainess

    cuunto-jaceyl people come in

    what do you call the fatty cartilage bone marrow thingy inside cow circle bone? I can’t remember. I used to love eating it but now i feel disgusted when someone mentions it duux? luux? ruux? :browtf:
  13. The Somali Caesar

    Cooking video

    I don’t know why but I find this video aesthetically pleasing. Maybe I’m lowkey hungry :banderas:
  14. a y a n

    does anyone else have an ice addiction

    ngl chick-fil-a ice is superior thooo
  15. Abdisamad

    Japanese experiencing Somali culture

    This is funny to watch especially their reaction to the banana. The Somali community in Minneapolis seem to be really big.
  16. Saintly

    Am I the only one

    Who thinks Ketchup is vile? Genuinely the most disgusting sauce out there. If it touches my food, Wallahi I’d rather go hungry than eat that.
  17. Exodus

    I had an Epiphany

    I spend a shit ton of money every month on food yet I’m skinny as hell :bell:
  18. Exodus

    Is this Normal?

    I put lemon on every food, literally, I put it on rice, pasta, meat, suugo, chicken, literally anything. My friend said it's gross, but I think it's delicious? Am I weird for that?
  19. A

    Fattening up their daughters for marriage

    Men in Mauritania only want to marry fat women apparently so women start to fatten up their daughters from really young, sometimes as young as five so they have more suitors to choose from when they are older. This actually disgusting.
  20. Prince Abubu

    I Watched This, So You have To Watch This With Me Now