1. Villainess

    cuunto-jaceyl people come in

    what do you call the fatty cartilage bone marrow thingy inside cow circle bone? I can’t remember. I used to love eating it but now i feel disgusted when someone mentions it duux? luux? ruux? :browtf:
  2. The Somali Caesar

    Cooking video

    I don’t know why but I find this video aesthetically pleasing. Maybe I’m lowkey hungry :banderas:
  3. a y a n

    does anyone else have an ice addiction

    ngl chick-fil-a ice is superior thooo
  4. Abdisamad

    Japanese experiencing Somali culture

    This is funny to watch especially their reaction to the banana. The Somali community in Minneapolis seem to be really big.
  5. Saintly

    Am I the only one

    Who thinks Ketchup is vile? Genuinely the most disgusting sauce out there. If it touches my food, Wallahi I’d rather go hungry than eat that.
  6. Exodus

    I had an Epiphany

    I spend a shit ton of money every month on food yet I’m skinny as hell :bell:
  7. Exodus

    Is this Normal?

    I put lemon on every food, literally, I put it on rice, pasta, meat, suugo, chicken, literally anything. My friend said it's gross, but I think it's delicious? Am I weird for that?
  8. A

    Fattening up their daughters for marriage

    Men in Mauritania only want to marry fat women apparently so women start to fatten up their daughters from really young, sometimes as young as five so they have more suitors to choose from when they are older. This actually disgusting.
  9. Prince Abubu

    I Watched This, So You have To Watch This With Me Now

  10. H


    JAMAICAN GIRL EATING SOMALI FOOD. her Reaction is so funny
  11. M

    I tried raw meat

    So my dads friend is Ethiopian and he took me to this Ethiopian restaurant. He told me I should try “Kitfo”. So I tried it and it was actually pretty good. It was ground beef that had butter and spices on it. It didn’t look raw. Then he told me what I tried was uncooked ground beef. I didn’t...
  12. wars

    Insha’Allah! what’s your goal this Ramadan?

  13. Descendent-Of-Fiqi

    Getting Somalia back on track.

    Iv'e been thinking of the best way to rebuild Somalia. And have come to the the conclusion that the country will never get back on its feet if it tries to emulate Western systems as the social culture of Somalia makes that impossible. Instead we should try to tailor a system that Somali's can...
  14. Jodeci

    Stolen: How Yemenis stole Somali food and culture

    We all know Somalis influenced the people around them since the start of time. But did you know how much of an influence we had on our Yemeni neighbors? They won't speak about this because they want to steal our food to make money off it. Go to any Yemeni restaurant and see for yourself. Here...
  15. TheMadMullah

    One of Hargeisa's new restaurants introduces its latest meal.

    Hargeisa is a town known for being a booming town and very tolerant overs the years. Now one of its newest restaurants introduces an additional meal which became the talk and the favourite for the locals. khatwich is becoming the most popular meal.
  16. paramedic

    Do you only eat halal foods?

    I know there are people of the belief that if you say bismillah then it's okay to eat non halal foods. Just wondering. When food is all around you in the western countries that aren't halal, do you stick to your guns? Is it even a concern for you?
  17. Descendent-Of-Fiqi

    Bug diet to help feed Somalia

    Should insects be looked into as a permanent solution to Somalia's food shortage? They need much less water and food to farm when compared to cattle and are more nutritious, Locusts are also Halal i don't know about the rest. Thoughts? Do you think the Somali population would eat them?
  18. U

    Somali Sauces

    Lots of food in the video, may want to watch after afuur.