For Woman who have diabetes and health fitness problem

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  1. Ahmed Ali

    Ahmed Ali Oshibobo

    Mar 25, 2018
    For anyone who may have a health problem especially diabetes or health fitness weight loss I advice you to take a 5 minutes and watch this video.

    This is a true story a sister of mine who's been struggling with a Diabetes type 2, was advice by the doctor to go diet and just do exercise with the hope of finger cross she will get better. after years of struggle she accidently run into this white guy on the shop selling weight loss diets product. and recommend her to try Apple Cider Vinegar

    at that period she weighted 160 kilos after 6 months of diet and jogging every morning at 9:00 for two hours and no Gym (saving that Pound her) The family Doctor conform she had no longer Diabetes and she lost 80 kilo in 6 months. The doctor was surprise and eager to know how she did it and asking her in details what she use...?

    For All Somali sisters and mothers out there who may have question or looking for a motivation I encourage you to go watch her videos you can find her on YouTube Channel Amenabeauty. She talks about weight losing and eating healthy she dasn't keep secretly like others she share exactly what she does and What food you should eat how you should cook it.
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