Recovering from obesity

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I'm currently on a journey of health and am looking to lose 60-70 lbs and become fit (inshallah).

I'll be blogging about my experience at and tweeting from @GacantaDhig if you are interested!
Hi all,

So I'm pretty obese - I'm around 5'7 and weigh 221.4 lbs as of today - down from 237 lbs. My goal is to lose a steady 8 lbs a month through a calorie controlled diet. If I meet that 8 lb / month goal by the end of 2018 I should be at a healthy weight for my height.

I just have to keep on it and not let myself be distracted. Inshallah!
I'm definitely NOT perfect so I'm sure I'll slip up here and there but something has changed in me recently and I know that I can do it this time.
Count calories on MyFitnessPal app. It prevents you from overeating and you will become more conscious of the food you eat.

It's a pain in the ass, but it will become a habit quick.


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I'm 189cm, so its impossible for me to become fat. Alhamdulilah :rejoice:
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