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  1. AarHawd_7

    Faarax absolutely destroys US Xaaliimo after “glow up”

    Her “glow up”:lolbron: Faarax response :liberaltears::liberaltears::liberaltears:
  2. AarHawd_7

    Young Faarax robbers jailed for nearly 25 years in total

    She touched the panic button and they didn’t even clock. :drakelaugh:Free up the young gs though.
  3. AarHawd_7

    Salaan qaaliya to the powerful strong FaaraxNation

    Asc, They let me out of the sspot dongeons, after serving a harsh sentence but man is back. Dhamaan waad salaamantihiin, ragga soomaaliyeed may you prosper. Ramadan Kareem.