Trigger Warning Somali guy ashamed of his black girlfriend


Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind"
Black is beautiful folks. Nothing wrong with Timo jareer or san buuran! it's just how Allah made them. God bless Mama Africa and our blackness:cool:


Bah Qabiil Fluid
Pure waffle the real issue is she muslim? You can convince your parents ,if they stop you meeting someone based on something this petty you don't have to listen to them. You can't stop your parents from being racist that's pathetic sxb

Odkac WRLD

Hit the dabpen and I can airbend.
war with al shabaab akhi
Ethiopians don’t even have a shore :drakelaugh:
These people just copy others in the diaspora
We were the first folks to start Uber Lyft they copied
We were the first to start hilib halal, and now they have their own corner stores
:francis: in the diaspora, the only thing they are better at is they send more of their kids to uni
war with al shabaab akhi
lol i get that but like...
Every sub saharan country has got its own shit to solve sxb:kanyeshrug:. But they be thinking that's a diss which is funny lol. No one said Congolese died of AIDS or Ebola but here there are coming for a whole country. :bell:

It's not my first time seeing this...just try to see Somalis arguing with other madoows and how they be dissing Somalia and making fun of famine & starvation.

I know shit wasn't that serious but I just noticed that's what they do most of the time and if some mali talks shit about their country, we are racist...:mindblown::leon: