1. Manafesto

    Somaliland president, opposition parties meet again without results partly due to the president’s refusal to hold the presidential election on time

    Somaliland president, opposition parties meet again without results HARGEISA (SD) – The traditional leaders mediating the electoral dispute between President Muse Bihi Abdi and the official national opposition parties met in Hargeisa today. The meeting did not yield any results, partly due to...
  2. Manafesto

    OPINION Somalia's Presidential election winning Candidate/Party prediction Contest

    My answer : 1. Siciid Deni 2. Sheikh Sharif 3. Farmaajo 4.AbdishukuurAbdiraxmaan/Rooble 5. Hassan Sheikh 1. Sheikh Sharif 2. Siciid Deni 3. Farmaajo 4. A.AW 5. Hassan Sheikh 1. Siciid Deni will win the elections 2. Sheikh Sharif will have his voters give Deni to finally win from Farmaajo...
  3. Manafesto

    OPINION Former Somali Defense minister " You can't compare Deni to Farmaajo, Deni's achievement and performance in PL makes him the best man for the job"

    I will try to summerize this long interview by the former defence minister of TFG Indhacade on Deni's presidential race to Villa Somalia. Indhacade starts with that Farmaajo and his N&N operate as a ruthless Mafia group, Indhacade adds that Siciid Deni can't be compared to Farmaajo since Deni...
  4. Manafesto

    NEWS Somaliland's President Muse Bihi says the upcoming SL presidential election will be postponed

  5. Manafesto

    UPDATE The International Election observers criticize Somaliland elections in a new report and suggests political party reforms free from clan affiliation

    International election observers have file their final report on Somaliland’s polls held at the end of May. The document praises the holding of balloting, but expresses serious criticism of the Hargeisa’s electoral system. And most significantly, the report expresses regret that no women were...
  6. Manafesto

    NEWS Puntland pilot elections faces critics on social media

    I don't know why Reer Mogdishu,Somalilanders, Reer Ghetto and crackers like to include them selves in literally every little thing on social media regarding our eedo Honorable lady Ilhan, but this one takes of the cake, An MJ(Puntite) American Congress women from Puntite majority state of MN...
  7. Manafesto

    NEWS MPs of Sixth FMS of Somalia Somaliland held a meeting in Mogadishu to show support for N&N and blame Madasha &Abdi Hashi for the delay MPs election

    This meeting was participated by over 40 SL MPs was ordered by Farmaajo as these MPs are his loyal followers, they are claiming they are the Majority of the SL MPs and they should have the right to handpick their MPsm They blame the Madasha for causing all these troubles and delays, they...
  8. Manafesto

    NEWS Presidential candidate Fowsiya calls out former Pres.Farmaajo's abuse of power and interference in picking MPs from Somaliland

    2:30 Let us not forget that this fraud and imposter used to shake her flat butt for Farmaajo untill she was implicated trying to deposit the national assets of Somalia in an oversees acct and she was replaced. Now this Farmaajo used condom women wants to have a say in SL MP selection and...
  9. Material

    DEVELOPING NEWS Official London Mayoral Elections 2021 Thread

    London elections are coming up soon on the 6th of May. Candidates from the Major Parties are Sadiq Khan (Labour) Shaun Bailey (Conservative) Sian Berry (Green) Luisa Porritt (Lib-Dems) Here are the rest of the candidates on the BBC Personal Opinion:
  10. Milano Ahmed

    NEWS Farmaajo gives his reasoning for continuity

  11. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS Farmaajo unilaterally calls for meeting in Garowe on Feb 15, Puntland responds

    UPDATE Deni says the meeting should be held in Mogadishu as the govt mandate has already ended
  12. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS US Demands Elections Be Held on Time

    Strong worded statement I wonder what the response will be some folks were banking on extensions :tacky:
  13. Calaf

    NEWS Official US Presidential Election 2020 Thread

    With less then 13 days left, the world is watching the United States of America. Will we see a Trump return or a Biden Win? Will Swing states be a major factor in the loss of Trump or the Win of Biden...
  14. Genesis

    Who should be President in 2021?

    Personally, I think Kheyre would be the best choice in 2021, but who do you think would be best, and state why
  15. QAADDO

    Biden really said this...

    What circular firing squad? There's only 2 candidates!
  16. tyrannicalmanager

    Somali election wont happen and that's ok

    Full article:https://www.thearticle.com/the-somali-election-that-almost-certainly-wont-happen
  17. Exodus

    Who is an alternative to Farmaajo?

    I see a lot of hatred towards Farmaajo, and regardless of your opinion of him, I have not seen anyone campaign for any alternatives to him. It's easy to complain, but come up with another candidate who would be better. Who do you think would be best for Somalia as a whole in the next elections?
  18. DRACO

    Supreme Court declares Muse bihi President

    The Supreme Court has confirmed the results are official , delusional people don't want to accept Muse won Fairly.
  19. Mohsin

    Somaliland evidance of unfair election