1. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS Farmaajo unilaterally calls for meeting in Garowe on Feb 15, Puntland responds

    UPDATE Deni says the meeting should be held in Mogadishu as the govt mandate has already ended
  2. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS US Demands Elections Be Held on Time

    Strong worded statement I wonder what the response will be some folks were banking on extensions :tacky:
  3. Calaf

    NEWS Official US Presidential Election 2020 Thread

    With less then 13 days left, the world is watching the United States of America. Will we see a Trump return or a Biden Win? Will Swing states be a major factor in the loss of Trump or the Win of Biden...
  4. Odkac WRLD

    BREAKING NEWS Ilhan Omar, Jamal Osman and Omar Fateh Win in Minneapolis

    With members from Europe, Asia, and Africa the majority may not care for an American congressional race. However, this is not just any race. Today, Aug 11, will be the most important day of Ilhan Omar's career so far. For those unfamiliar with American politics, today is the day we learn...
  5. Genesis

    Who should be President in 2021?

    Personally, I think Kheyre would be the best choice in 2021, but who do you think would be best, and state why

    Biden really said this...

    What circular firing squad? There's only 2 candidates!
  7. tyrannicalmanager

    Somali election wont happen and that's ok

    Full article:https://www.thearticle.com/the-somali-election-that-almost-certainly-wont-happen
  8. Exodus

    Who is an alternative to Farmaajo?

    I see a lot of hatred towards Farmaajo, and regardless of your opinion of him, I have not seen anyone campaign for any alternatives to him. It's easy to complain, but come up with another candidate who would be better. Who do you think would be best for Somalia as a whole in the next elections?
  9. DRACO

    Supreme Court declares Muse bihi President

    The Supreme Court has confirmed the results are official , delusional people don't want to accept Muse won Fairly.
  10. Mohsin

    Somaliland evidance of unfair election

  11. Jeesto

    NEC: We're here to listen any and all complaints from any one or any party

    :qri8gs7::qri8gs7::qri8gs7::salute: :eating:
  12. Mohsin

    Somaliland Police Open Fire on voters in Togdheer region 2 dead

    Police tried to disperse voters in Waddani strong hold Togdheer region at least 2 people dead. Waddani Politicians were arrested
  13. Xooshdheere

    "Somaliland" Presidential candidate Muuse Biixi getting high on drugs.

    He represents the disgrace separatists are to the entire Somali race.
  14. DrippinglyWet

    First round of Voting begins in the fiercely contested french presidential election.

    Fate of the European Union and the current world orders are hanging on this election, Le pen is a very close second with a very real chance of winning and considering what happend in the UK and US it will be impossible to know what will happen.
  15. S

    Somalia’s Farmaajo administration invites former IEBC chairman Issack Hassan to lead electoral refor

    "The federal government of Somalia has invited the former chairman of the elections agency in Kenya to spearhead electoral reforms in the horn of African nation. President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s administration sought the expertise of Issack Hassan, the immediate former chairman of Kenya’s...
  16. S

    The 4 main problems facing President Farmaajo in one man one vote 2020

    Faarmajo 3 main promises are: 1: Build an army 2: Intregrate the federal state into one country 3: One man one vote The last one is the focus in this article, which brings an interesting view: Yesterday, following a drawn out process of indirect elections, Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo was chosen...
  17. Prince Abubu

    Americans have lost the plot

  18. S

    Somalia: Presidential election postponed in Somaliland

    HARGAISA, Somaliland- Political parties in Somaliland region have agreed to delay the presidential polling that was scheduled to be held on March this year, due to worsening drought condition in the region, Garowe Online reports. Kulmiya ruling party along with opposition parties UCID and...