Somalia's Presidential election winning Candidate/Party prediction Contest


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This thread is about Sspot users personal presidictions regarding the upcoming presidential election in Mogdishu Somalia. The idea is that Somali political junkies here or anyone member here to put down their predictions, I want everyone to basically throw in their own analyze of this upcoming selections we have in Somalia, you can also add your reasoning behind your choice if you want to, but it is not necessary. Anyway type out your prediction of the election results/winners and who will form alliances and vote for each other to defeat another candidate using your human institutions, not what you want to see the end results will be jusr because you support that candidate or whatever.
Whoever gets these prediction right owes me 100$ on Amazon card,cash app or anyway else they are comfortable to receive their prize.

So let's us see who wins this easy money? answer or predict these 5 questions each, if you get even one part of the 5 options each question has out of the 5 questions then you are winner of the contests.
N.B (please NO multinicking CBBs and such posting twice for Farmaajo)

1.List the candidates that will get the most votes on the first round?or will move to the next round?

My answer :

1. Siciid Deni
2. Sheikh Sharif
3. Farmaajo
5. Hassan Sheikh

2. What candidates will pass to the third round if there would be any?

1. Sheikh Sharif
2. Siciid Deni
3. Farmaajo
4. A.AW
5. Hassan Sheikh

3.Who will win and what candidate will endorse his votes to another one to win?

1. Siciid Deni will win the elections
2. Sheikh Sharif will have his voters give Deni to finally win from Farmaajo who himself received votes from Mahdi Guleed,Khayre and the Laftgareem camp.

4.Top 5 king makers? Predict what PM they will nominate too?

1. Sheikh Shariif:. PM: Siciid Deni
2. Farmaajo. PM. Laftgareen
3. Siciid Deni PM. Hassan Sheikh
4. Abdinuur PM. AbdiWeliGaas
5. AAW. PM Deni or Laftgareen/MahdiGuleed

5. Who will drop out of Election or will fail to move to second round due to lack of enough votea ? It doesn't matter if they support their votes with other candidate or any other reason?

1. Hassan Khayre
2. AbdiNuur
3. Abdirisaaq Mohamed(the MJ Ex-foreign minister)
4. Dahir M Guleed
5. Rooble
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