1. Odkac WRLD

    This is how it should be DONE!

    Like many Somali young folks, I’ve been to a shit ton of weddings. majority of them are in huge Venues, costing groom tens of thousands. Singers, food, and hosting so many is a strain financially to start the marriage. I was at a wedding last week. Very small and personal, with groom and bride...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Costs and components of a traditional Somali wedding in the west.

    I am not very informed on my culture to my shame, but I was wondering if you guys could break down what happens during a Somali wedding, what you need, and the costs.
  3. 4head

    The Finno-Ugric people!

    I find these people fascinating, unique-looking and with a distinctive culture in Europe. The Finno-ugric are not just homogenous. They speak many languages such as the Khanty, Mansi, Hungarians, Maris, Mordvins, Sami, Estonians, Karelians, Finns, Udmurts,and Komis. And some pictures : - Sami...
  4. Ramen

    What happened to somali culture?

    I don’t see somali women walking around in guntiino and other traditional clothing why? What happened to this? These women were Muslims but kept their culture unlike somali women in Somalia. I wonder what happened to our beautiful country. Girls bleaching their skin and trying to look arab...
  5. Idil-Beydaan

    What was your biggest experience of “culture shock” in another country?

  6. Prince Abubu

    Is The 'Cushitic Fish Taboo' Responsible For Somalia's Poor Fishing Industry?

    Cushitic Fish Taboo :ohhh:
  7. Xooshdheere

    Gif of Gaas doing dhaanto

    :pachah1:I can't stop laughing. :mjlol:
  8. Prince Abubu

    The New Germans

    Aljazeera's strong efforts to promote "cadaan-genocide". @Amun you were right.:mjlol: Can you imagine a programme called "The New Saudis" starring African migrants? Right-wing nationalism for arabs and Left-wing multiculturalism for the cadaans.:mjcry: