1. One Star To Rule Them All

    Say No To Turkey

    I am absolutley disgusted what Erdogan has done. He portrayed himself as the defender of Islam yet not defending his ummah especially of them being Uighurs of Turkic origin. He bought back Haiga Sophia as a mosque yet deporting his brothers to make a few bucks. The end times are near as the...
  2. Helios

    "The Guide to Astronomy"

    I was poking around looking for old Chinese handwriting and I ended up stumbling on this manuscript called "The Guide to Astronomy" You can find and download this and other texts here for free :icon e smile:
  3. Helios

    Analysis China's Silicon Valley - The Pearl River Delta

    As usual an excellent video from Shirvan and quite an eye opener on Chinese strategy moving forward. Massive population in a densely packed area and one of China's most productive regions. A historic map of the Delta
  4. Diaspora ambassador

    The old let’s start a war trick at play.

    Now the protests are no longer controllable, the trump administration has set it’s eyes on china Once again. who is going to get drafted kkkkk The chinese have an massive population.
  5. JohnQ

    Djibouti ambassador defends discrimination towards Africans in China

    When that debt trap got your folks doing the niiko for China @Kingcobra
  6. Helios


    I just went out to open the mail box and I crossed the street and I just wasn't paying attention, Unfortunately for me I bumped into a middle aged Chinese guy who also wasn't paying attention. After we crossed paths he started coughing and it didn't sound too good. I hope for my sake this guy...
  7. Helios

    “Let China sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world.” - Napoleon

    So how much of a thread does China pose to us? This country is already flexing its muscles in Asia and within 20 years its pretty feasible that the United States won't be able to encroach without some serious provocation there.
  8. The Smooth-Operator

    The Filthy Chinese

    Nacalaa, this is an Australian documentary about covid19, focused on so called Asian wet markets and how they are the source of potentially deadly diseases. Watch from 13.00 What can the rest of the world do to contain these dirty Asians.. They could potentially create a super disease and...
  9. Cilmi-doon

    China’s Holocaust comparison for Israel’s coronavirus border closure

    More and more countries are closing their doors to Chinese nationals and suspending flights from China amid the coronavirus outbreak, and China is really angry about it. So angry that it reached for a Holocaust comparison. China has criticized countries that have implemented such restrictions...
  10. D

    Police tells Chinese restaurant to evacuate after the terrorist attack in Streatham

    The lady working there tells the police to give her half an hour. Wallahi, you guys were right. These Chinese have 0 empathy. They are just robots, they don't give a shit about nothing. :gucciwhat: Look at the top reply :wow:
  11. Medulla

    Breaking News Coronavirus Epidemic News Updates

    As most of you guys may know coronavirus is another killer diseases china is at fault for cause they can't help but have no real regulations on meat or any of their industries . SARS in 2002 ( 600 people died) and now coronavirus in 2020 it's like the chinese goverment thinks only poor people...
  12. Helios

    Greatest World Leader?

    Contributions and leadership of their nation from their national perspective. I think Vladimir Putin or Xi Jingping need to be up there since their work has been cunning and tremendous to futher Russia's and China's interests. Western leaders have been inept and I can't think of many who compare...
  13. haramcadd

    The curious case of Hong Kong

    Has anyone noticed how the protests in HK have been all over the internet for the past few months? I use reddit alot and this shit is all over the front page. most upvoted posts. They also have an entire subreddit dedicated to it which has 500k subs. They also recently started bringing american...
  14. tyrannicalmanager

    African children learn Chinese

    this is what there singing all these westerners with there fake tears:chrisfreshhah: "b-but we're only are allowed to subujate africans":liberaltears:
  15. Umm-al-Dhegdheeriyaa

    Somalia and China Relations

    I find it interesting that ever since the Middle Ages, Somalia has been trading with China(not just trade but apparently influencing each other in terms of language, culture and military). Of course we know that Somalia was a trading route through the Silk Road, where traders brought all sorts...
  16. The Smooth-Operator

    African countries in debt to China

    An increasingly number of african countries are being hopelessly indebted to China. Ethiopia and Kenya are amongst those countries. Desclaimer: I cannot verify the sources behind the numbers and figures used in the video.. But if this is true lord have mercy on the mentioned shithole African...
  17. S

    Singapore is helping to build a city in China for up to 500,000 people

    So Singapore and China are building a city from scratch that could eventually be nearly the size of Pittsburgh and home to 500,000 people They are hoping to attract talents from Singapore and elsewhere to create an economic hub that could rival nearby cities. Very interesting video This...