1. Kizaru

    Blinken gets scared as Biden calls President Xi is a dictator hours after they meet

    Bro was like Alla Baayey :faysalwtf: :mjlol:
  2. GemState

    Dungans of Kazakhstan

    Dungans are a very interesting people. They number around 200k and are actually Mandarin speaking Han Chinese muslims from Gansu and mostly Shaanxi that exiled themselves to the Russian empire in the 19th century after the failed Hui rebellions. The Muslim population of Shaanxi province then...
  3. senor chang

    Most Cyberpunk city in real life

    Shenzhen hands down
  4. Velœcity

    BREAKING: China is calling for an end of the arms embargo imposed on Somalia!

  5. Rationale

    Biden's 600 billion dollar plan to rival China's One Belt One Road iniative.

    We 3rd worlders should welcome the rise of China with open arms. American and Soviet rivalry provided alot of investments/development projects all over Africa. We might see the return of that era. But let's hope those nasty coups and proxy wars won't become a norm though. Ever since Soviet...
  6. Manafesto

    China Deploys it's Navy forces on Somalia's seas in an effort to guard it's illegely fishing ships & sabotage Taiwan close relations with Somaliland

    This is something that HSM should focus, we need to make that 1$ million Dollar Chinese contract, the Dhulbhante Toronto waiter turned Minister of fishery should be arrested also,it gotta be the worst deal in the world, now we all have to pay for it, now that they have their Navy is guarding...
  7. Manafesto

    China unites with Somalia against growing Taiwanese-Somaliland ties

    China unites with Somalia against growing Taiwanese-Somaliland ties
  8. GemState

    Is continued American hegemony a good thing?

  9. Reformed J

    China's zero-tolerance COVID approach is taking a turn for the worst They're even testing schoolchildren with this method :faysalwtf:
  10. Helios

    Zheng He's Map Manuscript & Somalia

    Zheng He (鄭和 ) was a legendary Chinese Muslim navigator and Admiral during 14th & 15th century in the Ming Dynasty. A complete map of his travels was compiled 200 years after his death covering and is known as the Mao Kun map (鄭和航海圖 ). He visited the cities of Mogadishu ( 木骨都束 )and Barawe (...
  11. GemState

    What the future looks like

    Some Dystopian shit :francis:
  12. Mozart

    China strongly opposes Somaliland

    From the official Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs account If Trump's feeling petty he should grant Somaliland independence to spite China
  13. Helios

    I Present To You...

    The Human footbridge!
  14. abdullah233

    How china sped up the industrialisation process and how Somalia could learn form it

    There are multiple lessons Somalia could take from China in this aspect creating a navy to patrol our waters is a must. The ability to trade freely is a must free trade is essential in order to develop. Somalia should also create a central bank detached from xamar since Somalia isn't in control...
  15. Invader

    Say No To Turkey

    I am absolutley disgusted what Erdogan has done. He portrayed himself as the defender of Islam yet not defending his ummah especially of them being Uighurs of Turkic origin. He bought back Haiga Sophia as a mosque yet deporting his brothers to make a few bucks. The end times are near as the...
  16. Helios

    "The Guide to Astronomy"

    I was poking around looking for old Chinese handwriting and I ended up stumbling on this manuscript called "The Guide to Astronomy" You can find and download this and other texts here for free :icon e smile:
  17. Helios

    The Century of Humiliation and China's Mindset

  18. Helios

    ANALYSIS China's Silicon Valley - The Pearl River Delta

    As usual an excellent video from Shirvan and quite an eye opener on Chinese strategy moving forward. Massive population in a densely packed area and one of China's most productive regions. A historic map of the Delta