1. Gafgin

    Great Interview With The Founder Of DahabShill

    This guy is a true rags to riches story he tells his ENTIRE come up in great detail, from his ventures in Dubai to the barre regime fucking up his business in this interview very interesting stuff
  2. emonrah

    How many of ya'll dream of starting a business? Hard pills to swallow?

    I learned that it takes a shit ton of capital to even want to start something. So people like me, end up just having to rely on family and friends to review my pages so that I can at least have some sort of online presence. It costs to license the business, you also need to skill, study for it...
  3. P

    support Somali businesses now! here are some

    thought I should list a few Somali businesses (that I know of the top of my head) so we can all grow together. we have so much in our own community please add more and support each other, we need to stick together. Let's not just talk. amal abdifatah : Islamic class
  4. Marshall D Abdi


    Since its black friday what did u guys baught or going to here is what i baught which totaly would be in 222 US dollar
  5. Warwaaqsame

    What do you guys think about VR entertainment business in Somalia?

    I wanna start a VR theme park in Somalia. Do you guys think, it's a good idea? Will it gain a lot of traction? What's the ideal location for it?
  6. Thegoodshepherd

    Daahir Calasow talks about monopolies in Somalia

  7. Warwaaqsame

    I don't understand why Somali diaspora don't invest small factory businesses in Somalia

    What's holding us back from setting up, small factory to midsize factories in Somalia? Peace can only be achieved when everyone is busy with his own life.
  8. Bossanova

    What is the biggest money maker in Somalia? (Puntland and Somaliland)

    What sector in the Somali economy is the most lucrative or what could be lucrative? I honestly don’t see myself living there full time, not until I retire. My goal is to buy property in New York and that’s something really hard to do. $1 million+ I have a degree (engineering) and would like to...
  9. Ahmed Abdirahman

    This man has figured out the entire Coronavirus problem.

    WARNING: this may shock you.
  10. Odkac WRLD

    What are some well respected careers in Somali community

    Indhoyar have “you dokto oh you lawyah oh yo engineeh”, Which lead me to wonder what are some careers that would let Hooyo to puff up with pride. And no, doctor is not an option hehe
  11. Warwaaqsame

    I'm gonna to be assassinated, if i started this business in Somalia

    I've had a business idea for a year and half, so then i started taking actions. I've built all the connections i needed to succeed with this business idea, from China to Somalia. I got enough capital from family and my own savings. But some businessmen who are close relatives, are telling me...
  12. A

    Cedar Riverside Poverty Rate

    is 44%. Basically there are these things in America that have been introduced or will be introduced called Opportunity Zones.These are zones where poverty is high and areas where there are a lot of problems which the government are hoping that investments into businesses and property willl help...
  13. Cam

    Young geeljire hustlin on the streets of Toronto

    He's got the business sense of a true Somali Masha Allah :salute: If you're ever in Toronto go buy his paintings :yousmart: Look out for his restaurant in 5-10 years insha Allah
  14. Thugnificent

    land/food prices

    do any of you know the prices of vegetables like tomatoes/ letuce etc. and how much does a plot of land (20x20m) cost in hargeysa or arabsiyo. the reason why i want to know is below. i'm interested to start a semi farm in the hargeysa/arabsiyo region. my plan is to buy a plot of land...
  15. A

    f*ck THE CEEB CULTURE!!!!!!

    f*ck the ceeb culture that governs a lot of you Somalis. I had people try shame my parents by telling everyone in the Somali community that me and my siblings sell sweets at school(just me)and have a car wash and grass cutting business when younger. My parents didn't care but told me not to sell...
  16. A

    What business would you start in the country you live?

    I have seen some threads about creating businesses back home and what businesses would be the most profitable there but interested to know what businesses you would create right now where you live if you had the money?
  17. MariaMaria

    What kind of business would you open in S/SL?

    Going to the homeland and opening a business is every somalis dream.:salute: I would open a cinema/arcade in Borama, it wouldn't be that difficult to set up, only play PG 12 and bollywood movies so the sheikh in the town don't shut me down. Also, it would be good for broadcasting football...
  18. Prince Abubu

    Investment Advise

    @LarryThePuntite come in. I've come into a bit of money (nothing much really, just a few grand). I would rather more of that money for a rainy day than spend it or just leave it lying in a bank account. What do you suggest I do? Invest in a mutual fund, a high interest savings account, high...
  19. Xooshdheere

    Somalis in Kenya

    Somalis are marginalized by the Bantus but one of the most sucsessful in Kenya and the most entrepeneurial poeple. Dominate various private sectors in the Kenya economy. They have severe animosity towards us in Kenya, yet we still winning. A lesson the African Americans in America can learn...