1. angelplan

    Hees Afar Ko Macah Wah Mahamade 2021 Djibouti

  2. 486th President

    What if Afar had joined Greater Somalia?

    How would history look after independence? Would there still be a tribal war? Would Afars just claim to be Somali?
  3. P

    Afars have higher amount of haplogroup J than Somalis and Tigrayans ???

    How is that Afars(33%) have the highest amount of haplogroup J in the horn after the Amharas(35%)? Shouldn't it be Tigrayans>Amharas>Afar? And why do somalis basically have none?
  4. Invader

    Djiboutian accent. (Asking Questions)

  5. Al-Burcaawi

    Eritrean Afar music slaps

  6. Pseudo-A'staramaia

    Do Somalis even care about the Somali genocide happening right now in Somali galbeed?

    It has been going on for 2 years yet no one could careless or is even aware So far 50,000 have been killed and more than 1 million Somalis are discplaced because of mass killings and daily shootings, and it is a one way street of violence from non-Somalis against Somalis, and the entire living...
  7. Cam

    Long lost Somali's scattered across North East Africa

    After the wars against Abyssinia in the 16th century a lot of Somali soldiers scattered into neighboring nations eventually assimilating Oromo For example, Oromo's have assimilated millions of Somali's over the past 5 centuries. I know that some Harti and Geri for example have been...