Do Somalis even care about the Somali genocide happening right now in Somali galbeed?

Are you aware of the current genocide taking place in Somali galbeed?

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It has been going on for 2 years yet no one could careless or is even aware

So far 50,000 have been killed and more than 1 million Somalis are discplaced because of mass killings and daily shootings, and it is a one way street of violence from non-Somalis against Somalis, and the entire living Somali representation in this genocide are the downtrodden, poor innocent Somali families who are defending themselves against daily attacks by heavily armed Oromo and Afar regional police, nationalist paramilitary, and Ethiopian military units. It is a systemic genocide and method of ethnic cleansing as only the armed settlements hold out in a war of attrition against a far larger and well equipped enemy with a massive strong majoritarian ethnic support and mandate, both diaspora and elsewhere. Your Oromo and Afar neighbors and masjids in the west send funds to assist in buying out huge caches of weoponry and training more nationalist paramilitary troops, as the Oromo and Afar masses are buoyed by fiery anti-Somali rants and speeches by Afar and Oromo notables, secular and religious, which are attended by thousands, and watched and dissemenated to the millions of Afar and Oromo worldwide via TV, radio, and social media such as youtube and facebook

In this conflict, the entire Somali side is a defensive patchwork of family homesteads, with all other Somalis either

1) not having any care in the world that their own people are being genocided

2) supporting the same Oromo and Afar interahamwes through being passive, neutral, or outright supporters of the Afar and Oromo because of 68iq

The Oromo and Afar are the primary and only perpatrators, with the Oromo genocidairs largely being Muslim, and the Afar being 100% Muslim. They both have expansionist designs on Somali galbeed designed and being executed by their current leaderships, both who are dominated and united by strong anti-Somali xenophobia and genocidal intent towards Somalis

The Somali regional leadership and any general Somali leadership of note are controlled by the same nationalist Oromo leadership whose own militias are raping and killing hundreds of Somalis every few months. The Somali leadership in Ethiopia (and everywhere) are cowards and dont care for their own people being killed and Somali land being annexed by their Oromo overlords. They care about having their status and power, like the Somali regional president, and their intetions have only been towards the goal of self preservation. This is why nothing has been done to stop the Oromo and Afar ethnic cleansing which has culminated in tens of thousands of dead Somalis since 2017

Dire Dawa and Harar are both on the verge of annexation as Oromo paramiltaries forcefully took over policing these two areas

As of now and since at least 2018, Afar nationalist militias and regional forces kill dozens of Somalis almost daily in the Somali region bordering Afar

Om the Oromo side, Oromo state police, Ethiopian military, and Oromo paramilitaries always consistently attack the entire length of the Somali areas from Kenya to Djibouti bordering the Oromo multiple times everyday, and have killed hundreds in the every few months since at least 2017

Huge mass graves filled with dozens of Somali children, women, and elderly and men are now being found inside of the Oromia region. The Oromia police and Ethiopian government officials hide the evidence and assist the Oromo public to carry out the mass killings of Somalis in Oromia

I can't even find Somali media focusing on any of this and it is very diffcult to find any information on this anywhere despite it possibly being the largest ethnic cleansing taking place in the world right now

Timo Jareer and proud

2nd Emir of the Akh Right Movement
Everyone also seemed to have forgot what the Afar did in Djibouti in 1991? They rebelled and killed thousands of Somalia including my Uncle (Aun). These "Cushites" are not to be trusted in the horn. Nearly all of them hate our guts, espiaclly the Oromo and Afar.
Everyone also seemed to have forgot what the Afar did in Djibouti in 1991? They rebelled and killed thousands of Somalia including my Uncle (Aun). These "Cushites" are not to be trusted in the horn. Nearly all of them hate our guts, espiaclly the Oromo and Afar.

They tried to overrun Djibouti with Afars plotting together multinationally in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Djibouti. They all invaded Djibouti at the same time and tried to overrun the entire country, and Somali young men startes pouring into the Djibouti from Somalia and Ethiopia. My relatives were working in Djibouti and they got armed and went to drive back the Afar

Cushitic or not, Muslim or not, Somalis will always stand alone, even amongst ourselves
Here is the latest data on IDP's (internally displaced persons) in Ethiopia as of June 2019

All these IDP's are overhelmingly the result of ethnic conflict currently happening breaking out in every region of the country

Notice how the Somali region has 1 million + IDP's, by far the highest in the entire country per capita. More than 1 in 8 Somalis in Ethiopia is homeless at the moment and have fled their homes

This is not to mention how the overwhelming majority of the Harar and Dire Dhabe IDP's are ethnic Somalis who fled Oromo nationalist paramilitaries and anti-Somali Oromo and Amhara mobs in Harar and Dire Dhabe. The same goes for the Oromia IDP's, as they are concentrated in the formerly Somali regions that have been forcefully annexed into Oromia in the past 20-4 years

The Somalis in the occupied Somali territories in Oromia are even more worse of than the new borderlands Somali because they are hidden beneath the vast population of Oromia and are being cleansed in a quite, of both the wider Oromo public and Ethiopian federal and regional governmental own intiative to kill as much of the Somali population in Oromia as silently as possible. Hence the sudden finds of completely unknown mass graves dumped to the brim with Somalis in unmarked sites throughout Oromia, and a complete full fledged genocide within Oromia that no one even had any idea was a happening for the past year
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Are you guys trying to make this genocide never get any visibility?
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Here is a recording of a Somali father describing the envioment of the Somali border region with Oromia, how disunited and careless the Somali officials are in the region and how Oromo paramilitias and federal forces operate and carry out the genocide:

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