Your celebrity lookalike

Agent 47

21st Divsion of Somali National Army
Jimmyfromdegrassi got banned yesterday. i aint him, he aint somalipride.

You know
You're definitely him.

JimmyFromdegrassi: Sounds exactly like @SomaliPride, types gay stuff, joined Tuesday, claimed to be Somali and couldn't prounce the clan he claimed he was from (Hawiye) and pronounced it "Haaye"

@Blacksheep: Defends Jimmyfromdegrassi all the time, claims Jimmyfromdegrassi is not @SomaliPride, someone you don't even know and you claim he pronounced Hawiye right when he clearly said "haaye" and you also joined Tuesday.

@SomaliPride: claimed his grandfather was Somali and posted a picture supposed to be him then I exposed him and said the picture was stolen from a website and that was natives Americans in the picture and he later said his grandfather was native American and never was seen after that day.

And Jimmydegrassi was exposed by his own voice and pronouncing the clan he claimed wrong.