we wuz

  1. Internet Nomad

    The Black Man is Supreme! They were Kangz, Azianz, ViKangz, Romanz… WAKANDANZ.

    You heard it here first folks! We were the Vikings, Asians, Romans, wakandans and Egyptians
  2. pablo

    Ancient Kingdom Of Sam’al

    There was a kingdom called Sam’al in ancient turkey, the language they spoke was called samalian and that was what the people were called too. Eventually it was taken over by the Neo-Assyrian empire. Coincidence :cosbyhmm: what do you think? Who are these high IQ imposters:wtf...
  3. Lancer


    >inb4 Israel gets a sudden influx of Somali Aliyah applicants
  4. Someone

    Your celebrity lookalike

    This site called celebslike.me scans your face and tells you your celebrity lookalike
  5. Prince Abubu

    Some Madows Are Crazy