Would you leave your Wife after Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain?

Would you leave your Wife after Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain?

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The most obvious one: People age.

I really believe people that leave due to their partners appearance because of childbirth and the like aren’t fit for marriage. At the end of the day, you can work with your wife to get into shape. But what happens when she becomes wrinkly and now has saggy skin? What happens when their wife reaches 47+ and has now hit menopause?

These are the ones that trade their wives in for a new version, they don't see women as human beings. They marry a woman when she's beautiful and young, when they drain her of her life force, they get another wife and repeat the process.

I remember someone posted a thread about a man that bragged about being married a shocking number of times. Waa kuwaas oo kale. I struggle to believe they're headed to heaven walahi.
I would leave her. Not because she gained weight, but because I plan on having a vasectomy so the baby clearly isn't mine.
If there’s a baby involved I’m not leaving. I’ll start going on walks with her and fix her diet to get her back into shape. You can’t be selfish and think about your own feelings when there’s a baby involved.
Lol it does. Especially back to back pregnancies and women’s hormones being out whack at times.
The retard moaning about his fat wife didn't say anything about back to back pregnancies, there's a lot of contexting missing.

Hormones do play a role in weight gain, but a lot of women manage to keep it under control. Do these women have special fat-loss hormones that prevent them from eating an entire tube of Pringles and a packet of Oreos at 3am or something? :draketf:

I don't have a dog in this fight, but "Pregnancy = gaining 40lbs" seems like a cop out and a little disrespectful to the efforts of women who manage to say active and eat healthy. Other complications aside.
Pregnancy is not the only thing that can cause a change in looks. At some point your wife will experience; peri-menopause and menopause, which also causes a change in appearance and mood. During peri-menopause, women gain on average 1.5 KG in weight per year, most of this accumulates around the abdomen and upper body. During menopause some women experience hormonal acne, slight sagging of skin. Menopause causes a 30% loss in collagen.

You want your wife to stay looking good or as good as possible? Well, try to be the best husband possible, and give her all the time and support she needs to maintain it. Some of these men want to saddle a woman with a truck-load of kids, and are too broke or greedy, to fork out for help at home/gym etc.
Real life is not a RomCom. Love without attraction is rare. Women and men will go if their partner gets much less attractive. Could take years or weeks, but it will eventually get to them.

Second, why should leaving be messy? After divorce, lots of ex-husbands and wives stay in touch.
For a regular girlfriend, sure. But for my wife getting a bit heavy cause she had our child, hell no man. There's levels to this man.
For a regular girlfriend, sure. But for my wife getting a bit heavy cause she had our child, hell no man. There's levels to this man.
After exhausting all options (assuming you have access to them) and a considerable period has passed. What would you do?
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You don't have to.

Look at statistics, women are far more likely to stick by a sick partner, than men are. We're the more loyal gender and it's no comparison.

The statistics in question...

The statistics in question...

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Of course women file for divorce more, how often do men dump wives? Not often, it's almost always the wife who leaves after suffering from adultery etc. Men who don't want a woman anymore, like to neglect/abuse a woman, until she leaves. How often do men even tell a woman they're not interested and instead use her or string her along?
There is no point in interacting with the stat, it does not use Somalis as the sample. What does a random cadaan study gotta do with me?
You are looking at the future. As long as you stay here in the West this stat will be a reality. All you have to do is go on r/Somalia to see how these young western marriages are playing out.


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