Would you leave your Wife after Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain?

Would you leave your Wife after Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain?

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The thing about men is that eventually they realize there’s much more important things to look for in a women other than beauty, like character and maturity (obviously for us Muslims it’s deen that’s number one). The ones who figure this out don’t mind losing physical attraction towards their partner cause they have something much better, love for someone who stuck with you and provided for you, potentially bore your children and meet your needs etc.

I understand younger men who fall for nothing but physical attraction but some men never grow out of this phase unfortunately. Truly good men aren’t running after the most physically attractive women, they’re looking for something much better than that, like character, compatibility, similarity etc. same thing happens to women, their tastes mature and change as they get older.
Looks are important. I just think it is unreasonable to expect a woman to lose weight after children as a condition to stay married.

I also know there are a myraid of factors which influence weight gain. Such as excessive stress from life or relationships, pro-inflammatory foods, gut dysbiosis and hormonal imbalances. Many of these can be resolved from lifestyle changes.

If a man wants a health conscious woman because he values that then so be it.The question should be is the spouse even aware of how to help and if so are they considerate enough to do so. It's one thing to demand. It is another thing to assist.
I don’t know why the women on here are so pressed and worried. Even the most “incel” types have made comments about how heartless it would be to leave your wife for such a reason. :umwhat:
It comes down to not seeing things from the other side of the fence. Few can do this. I won't pretend to understand female bodies. But here's the thing: It doesn't matter. A newly fat man can easily come up with the same excuse. Look man, I know I'm a little heavier but I'm providing for six families and can't find time to go gym. That's all well and good. Will that change how his wives feel about him, though? Probably not.
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