Why would any man want a virgin

Yikes lool. This is like playing MF doom when the ho.e.s are around. Your scaring away the Fairweather Muslims relax with the wild Hadith's.
Young girls in that hadith mean young women because that's how people talked back then, even now young women are sometimes called girls, right?


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As someone who hasn't ever had intimacy before (I'm born celebate) You wouldn't want to marry someone with loose morals! #SoulTies
muslims that sleep around are hypocrites who later wanna settle down with a virgin
Wallahi I gonna be honest. If I'm not her first I would be very disappointed tbh. Like if the person is not a virgin than I get it, two ppl who have a nasty past so I wouldn't mind also marrying a non-virgin. But if I'm a virgin, no way I can marry a non-virgin woman. That's a big no wtf. Plus girls never forget there firsts, don't forget guys. And also imagine one day you come across the guy she got f*cked by 😭😭. That would be a horrible experience smh.
Why do men act like they know how all women think. Many women remarry and forget their first husband, especially if he was idiot. Humans move on, and women being people do as well.


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Because I want to go where no man before me has been.

Its the same at the restaurant. I want to eat from a fresh and clean plate on a fresh and clean table. Periodt.
Bisinka, no zina for me. Inshallah, I’ll get a virgin man 👨🏻
One pump chump.

I can understand women who want a man with experience but I don't want a woman who got beat by another nigga. Of course, the first couple of times are going to hurt if she's a virgin but I want that to be shared with me not Tyrone.

Of course I'm talking about a woman who was never married and f*cked around. Not divorced women
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I dont want 1 for now maybe way later on in life tho lol. Some of these girls out here just got tricked out of their viriginity by some abdi and have a low body count. They're not all h0es tbh

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As I had said before,
Some chicks are still good girls even though they aren't virgin but good decent morality. [Keeps clean, Stays Clean]

Others - too promiscuous. That's obscene!

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If you are a virgin you have every right to demand your wife/husband is a virgin.

That said the reason why guys want a ” virgin girl ” is due to the fact they want to be their girls first, its a exclusivity thing.


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having fun with promiscuous chicks is alright but I don't see a point of marrying them. My 1st, 2nd, and possibly 3rd wife will all have to be young and virgins

that's just my preference though :kanyeshrug:
You'd marry some emotionally ruined dhîlo with a 1000 cock stare instead of putting in a little bit of effort in the bedroom? You're nuts sxb.

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You want an “experienced women” there’s no one more experienced than a hooker. By your logic that would be your ideal women :sass2:
Having sex with a virgin is boring. They don't know what to do. Too much teeth, death grip and worse. It's just not fun.

An experienced woman knows what works for you
Having a virgin is a lot better and safer tbh, plus there’s no damage to your ego knowing she’s been with dudes in the past which is often a problem in non virgin relationships. If you want a woman with experience, marry a hooker