Why do mixed Somalis perpetuate the same stereotype about being bullied for being Somali?

“Being Somalian,” she says now, “was like a diss.” Sometimes she lied about her heritage. She has lighter skin than most Somalians, and at school, it was easy to claim she was Arab or from the Caribbean. But at home, there was no escaping her birthplace.
Maya Jama said she was “ripped the s*** out of” for being half-Somali - and used to lie about her background to avoid being bullied at school.
Anyone who has attended school in UK can tell you you never got bullied because of your Somali heritage it was not the main factor.
Most half breeds hate their Somali side from what I seen personally. They can’t speak language, they shame away from identifying as Somali.


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It’s always the brits, i never been bullied for being somali in Minneapolis


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who cares? i couldn't be bothered if a half somali doesn't claim their somali side. full somalis who don't look somali do the exact same


No matter where you are, you’ll only get violated/bullied if you’re seen as an easy target. Nobody’s going to try and bully a tough Somali guy because they know they’ll get their shit kicked in. Same reason hijabis are the main target for anti-Muslim attacks.


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i've never heard of anybody being bullied for being somali in australia maybe not the same way thoses in uk get bullied

I was never bullied for being Somali but I mean I had a few people openly mock the famines in front of me. I also even got a lot of open Islamophobia from teachers, in which they would call Islam a non-peaceful religion or try fish for my views on certain world events.

I'm talking about schools that are in upper-middle class cadaan suburbs during 2010-2016. During that period, we had a famine, Captain Phillips as well as Tony Abbott claiming Muslims need to align with Australian values.

I am not saying this experience is the majority, far from it. But I am saying I believe Maya and Ramla when they say they got a hard time in school for their identity because there are many ajnabis who have prejudiced views of us who will pass it down to their kids.

Remember Maya grew up in Bristol which does not have a large Somali or Muslim community. Her experience will be vastly different to someone from NW London who has the privilege of seeing people that look like them at their school.
This definitely happened in the UK for a few years. I'd say 2008 - 2014/15. Before that nobody knew what a Somali was, and after that we definitely were respected a lot more for a variety of reasons


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I live in the worst part of Australia to be a Somali and/or Muslim yet never got insulted (except a skinny joke) pretty weird, I thought Melbourne was the most tolerant

I come from an extremely Labor stronghold in Australia, my constituency has never been won by a non-Labor politician. However, there are still many cansuuri across the country that try to qualify their beliefs as legitimate.

Don't forget that approx half of Australians are in favour of banning Muslim immigration.
it depends what part of U.K. you’re from..but I will admit I had daily fights with black People who despised Somalis. Maya jama got bullied very badly.. her white mother had to call her Somali aunties to tell maya to be proud of being Somali. What’s crazy is black people were the bullies 🤣😬


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Never got any anti-Somali things thrown at me besides the lame pirate jokes and that was when I was already in my teens, so definitely not as a small kid.

I can definitely tell you that it's not anti-Somali or hatred of Somalis as an ethnicity.

But rather Islamophobic people or people who saw Somalia jokes as easy laughs.

My siblings recently finished school and they never have these sort of problems. I think it was just a product of that 2010-2016 time period coinciding with my later school years in a suburb with minimal Somalis or Muslims.