Why did this stereotype come from?

Where did the big booty Somali male stereotype come from? Most of y’all are skinny little things. I actually feel offended on you guys behalf. And these are Somali boys perpetuating this too. I can’t believe they went viral with this garbage. Where is the self respect?

Ajnabis are laughing at you, not with you. I feel like some Somalis have internalized the disrespect we get for just being Somali.

i know, i even get asian friends making fun of us like this and telling me i dont look like a typical somali guy, i apparently look normal,

i have never seen a somali who looks like that, so no idea where the skinny farax with big behind comes from


Eww who is this third worlder talking to? Warya go worry about earning your ten cent a day salary
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Why not? He talked shit about western Somalis first. It’s fair game in my book :mjlaugh:
You seem to be distressing when I specifically mentioned the reason behind the continuation of bashing Somalis, it stems from Diasporans and not the other way around, don't get triggered this is actually surreal ,
It's quite funny and inconveniently ironic that you didn't dedicate that same amount of energy towards those allowing the riducling of Diasporan Somalis, my point is use your claws against them , not me lol

Btw, I hope that you're well informed about the living conditions of the continent can vary from country to country , person to person and not everyone live in a mudhut as the media outlets have obsessive self-gratifications to portray us like that ,
there are actually decent numbers of slum dwellers that earn way more than that Ceyr money/hagbad youve been collecting for years if not decades , so , if we live in a third world , at least we live in our respective countries , not living in a refrigerated depressing cesspool you call a "first world".
So enjoy the skyscrapers before they crumble lfmao


i know, i even get asian friends making fun of us like this and telling me i dont look like a typical somali guy, i apparently look normal,

i have never seen a somali who looks like that, so no idea where the skinny farax with big behind comes from
We dont befriend with these kind of utter vermin, last time an Indian tried to disrespect us in our premises, ofcourse his threats were to be taken seriously , but we know deep down theyre cowards talk is just empty we excerised our rights to use necessary violence, now they never dare to step in our premises anymore , despite trying to get agencies to allow the demolishing of our stores.
We couldn't care less about police fines. We see them step in we fuck em up

You should do the same thing , never let snakes get comfortable around you

Somali boys nowadays are really weak.. Back in the days if some guy was recording his booty, they would get knocked the fuck out by the homies.. But nowadays it's modern to be a cross dressing farah:snoop:
I agree with you on this one, I've noticed this , 2020 is the worst year for society , instead of progressing forward we are becoming more regressive , this Tik Tok trend is a plague.

I saw one of my younger cousins and nephews dancing to a BTS song and I got really angry, my fist were clenching , i used a suun and scolded them , told them when I was their age that I used to kill hyena attacking the cattle and not watch this qashin
The next day I assigned them to work as interns at my cousin's garage, these kids should learn to be men .
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±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
bruh. issa harmlessjoke, not that deep. what is there to be offended by?

last i checked, girls liked cheeks too lmao. ghanaian men have the same stereotype and get joked about it even more, they embrace it as jokes.
There are racial differences in how races deposit fat.

I noticed South Asians get very flappy arms and double chins more than other races. White guys seem to store fat most on their stomach and develop huge beer bellies.

Maybe Somalis store fat most in their ass, kkkkkkkkk.
That is a plus for women :ooh:
Guilt for not looking Adoon. :(

I am of the opinion that Somali born in Diaspora SHOULD NOT claim Somali at all. They should just say DieSpomali. It makes sense right? They seem to be enjoying the perks of being a Somali, which is a strong bond of identity that they don't deserve.

I don't look at these kids as full somalis. Anyone who can't speak Somali properly is not fully Somali. Sorry, I know that includes you but at least you make up for it for the life experience and you having grown up in East Africa. You are still handicapped next to me, but you have a grade above these little nobodies born and raised in the US.
its a deformity known as lordosis the muscles that are located in the lower end of the body are pushing the lumbar spine witch makes it appear as if u have a large but combine that with being obese or just sitting around allot and u get fuutoweyn u can get rid of it through working out
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Sub, sub, sub clan marriage aka insest must be making some farahs look like that.


"Show respect to all people but, grovel to none"
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:russ:kenny the Jet be wearing customade outifts and shoes with the knocked knees and beating Chuck to the studio jumbotron for halftime analysis but hes high self esteem and dont givva fuck about wut people think lol


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