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It's the second biggest city in England but they behave like they crawled out of a fucking village. "Oh, what's it? An oyster? What's an oyster?" Piss off!
Village kulaha, there was absolutely no need for that finishing blow. And I'll have you know that we have a system identical to the oyster in place.

There are no oyster cards in Birmingham they have bus receipts.
Tickets, passes and Oyster knock-offs.


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My neighbor's wife is so hot. :banderas::lawd:

She's in her 20s, from Uzbekistan (Central Asia), and wears no headscarf. She looks like model material.


Years to look forward to
There's going to be a thunderstorm soon.... in the middle of December here. Where's the snow? :-(


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So some white guy near where I live showed off his brand new AP watch on Facebook. Nigga got robbed on the same day :drakelaugh::drakelaugh::drakelaugh::drakelaugh::drakelaugh:
visualising the scene that would take place if I were to walk into gathering in Scandinavia during the Viking age. Black wearing a Dirac and garbasaar....for real though what do you think would happen? Would they kill me? Or worship me thinking I'm some god?