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We star in movies NASA pay to watch

I agree with her. He said his name is humongous while pointing to his private region. That is sexual harassment. However I wouldn't have reacted like she did. I would just give him the finger :zhqjlmx:

Asking for his name is sexual harassment too. With men there's a don't ask don't tell policy


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
I think gray/white hair looks good on old somali ppl

It looks Better with ciiro than colouring it with henna
My Mother is cracking me & my friends up, she is teaching them Somali. I have nearly finished packing, my Mum is dropping bombs about me that they didn't even know the shame..
Now my Mother is convincing my friend to take someone's Husband, let them all laugh it will come back on them. I am not involved I'm on this forum! I want everyone to get the f*ck out, I appreciate their help & all.. can I please have some nice memories in my now to be ex property.
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