What is on your mind right now?

Door number 13, let me jump in the shower see you in 2 hrs you better open the door. The Bengali cab is my friend.. Yasmin Gulaid is coming xx
So you're going to lie to my family and say I died before Ramadan? Good luck mate, I am taking this whole site down!! No Somalis I have no loyalty to you cunts.. Watch the bugs be very careful.
My brain works ahead of you people, so you want to play with Yasmin? its cool! 2am when the mandem come out of the club, I will convince them oh yes I will to take off this bloody site.
Now that you have been speaking about me for 24 hrs.. Let me tell you why I came to the house, your Father hasn't got long left. My Father sent me, I had a dream then woke up looked at my Dad's picture and said I am going there. You need to take care of him, I spoke to him upstairs he is not well. You lot pay the rent and let him go back home.