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Much harder imo than science. Too much subjectivity. Took a few courses in UG and although kinda easy, I hated how there was no right answer.
You just gotta find your TA's political leanings. Im toying with marxism in my sociology papers even though I hate commies lool
Just came across some Mormons. I think their ideology is crazy but they were very friendly.

It is a nice thing about some of the sincere Christians who actually take the Bible seriously (even though I know the Mormons also believe in Book of Mormon)- they are very friendly people.

If you really follow the Bible, you'll be a person who is very friendly but also kind of weak and defenseless and also who will end up in hell if you reject Islam.

I really like this about Islam- it promotes good manners and kindness, definitely- but it also does not promote weakness like Christianity does.

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