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Every time I try to sleep these days I recollect how my barber shaved off my beard ( okay maybe it was just sideburns )off without asking me! I was at stage one of #beardgang and this bastard stole it from me. It will take 9 months to get it to the stage it was at before. He did one side before I noticed and I stopped him, but it was too late didn't want to walk around looking a mess. It's been two weeks since this happened but I still wake up in cold sweats cause of it at night reliving the moment in a loop.

I wish I could drop out of school, watch kdramas and not worry about anything. I’m going to have to stay up late again tonight. I can’t wait for the weekend. Capitalism is the cause of all of my problems. Capitalism is ruining our society. The rich are profiting off of our labor. We live in a corrupt society and it’s time to revolt. The change has to begin with us.


Bah Qabiil Fluid
Dear Diary,

Hoje fui banida de avaliar comentários no meu site favorito. Eu não merecia a punição, mas o que posso fazer? Sou só uma usuária normal, espero que o adm mude de ideia e me desbana. Se ele não tirar o meu ban, vou pro "kenyaforum". Eu fui banida sem ter direito a julgamento ou qualquer testemunha. Como isso é justo?


Wallahi this is actually dead i'm a bona fide guest now , is this a sign that I should focus on Moot? macaquul ma ahan...

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mA bro! You’ll get in for sure.
I'm just a first year still a long way to go. I'm not even dead set on trying to get into law yet, maybe I'll target the foreign service or try straight for provinical politics at a local party idk.