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# Arab male shopkeepers sound weird calling other men habibi. If a farax said that to me , it would be even stranger.

# today’s heat has no cool or wind . This is death.
Why do I always like guys that I can't have? I feel so incredibly stupid.

I'm in Somalia and I (kinda?) fell for a local (I was always adamant that this would never ever happen, I was sure of it). Well actually he's not really a local as he studies abroad and lives there on campus but you guys get the point: he's not qurba joog.

But of course he's already (just) married :))
He's leaving the day after tomorrow (he's staying at our house) and I'll probably never see him again. That's okay because it would not ever work anyway but I will miss our conversations and banter.

I'm sure I'll forget about him once I'm home it still stucks. Two lessons to learn for me in this situation.
1) I should never think I can dictate who I will fall for. If it happens, it happens.
2) I need to solve this recurring problem of me a l w a y s falling for someone that I can't have asap because this stuff isn't productive.


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working for a company run by only women and hire only women was the biggest mistake of my life :noneck: thank goodness its my last day today