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I spend 90% of my day thinking of ways i could fix Somalia. I literally have gone through 1000s of different scenarios in my head of how i could of maybe avoided the civil war happening to ways i could bring an end to al Shabaab and unite the country. I think about things like what if i was born in 1920s , could i have made a difference? could i have avoided the civil war or the coup. I realise that as long as Somalia is divided by colonial borders and clan lines , as long as children don't go to school or families don't have accesses to healthcare i can never feel happy in my life. I live in a first world country that some people would die to live in , i'm a university student and i could live a normal prosperous life but i know that won't make me happy. I could be a millionaire but that wouldn't bring comfort to my heart , the only thing that will is knowing by country is united and safe. As a result of this , i promised myself that i would do all that is in my power to fix Somalia and Somali people wherever they are and the only thing that would stop me from doing this is death. Honestly , if i could sacrifice myself so that Somaliweyn was united then i would rush at the opportunity. Its disheartening to see so many Somalis with hatred in their hearts for other Somalis , truthfully i can't understand why they have so much hatred. This even runs in my family , my dad is a die hard supporter of Somaliland , he has so much hatred for other Somalis that i can't understand why. When i hear things like Somaliland is safe or people don't starve to death in Somaliland like in the south , i think to my self Did the people in the south ask for their children and family members to die at the hands to suicide bombing or starvation. Do they choose to live in a without an effective government? Are these things that they wish upon themselves? Honestly , the things that are needed ac cross Somali regions is for people to make concessions with each other. The only time Somalia was a country that all Somalis even those in the occupied regions were proud with was when we were united. I really wish and hope that we are able to bring that sense of nationalism back like we had when we were colonised , i wish that we cherish Soomaalinimo over our stupid made up clans. But obviously , wishing will not bring about change and the only way for a situation in Somalia is to change is for someone to go and fix it and that is what i have to do. Hopefully other Somalis in western countries see the same , we have to take responsibility in fixing our countries , we can't really on our tribal leaders or our warlord politicians who steal money. The only way for Somalia to change is by our the diasporas hands.
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Ladies you want a free Facial?
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Is Turkey in the EU?
My cousin is telling me it's charging him
It's not charging me
So is Three charging to Roam?
Roaming is free on all Network's