What is on your mind right now?

I am hella anxiety ridden about reaching my goals.
In 2 years I want to graduate and get a job in my field.

It sounds so easy to say but it's increasingly becoming very difficult. Just gotta keep my eye on the prize but I am hella scare about not hitting milestones.

I spent my bday yesterday just anxious.. ughhhhhhhh
So I just came back from walthamstow market
I bought insence from the white woman on the other stall and the Jamaican Brother told me don't burn white sage it brings bad Sprint's.
He even gave me his Card
So I'm burning it now
I don't believe in this shit
However if I die
This is my goodbye Xxx
Girl: Honey
Boy: Yeah
Girl: Would you hit me?
Boy: No
Girl:Do you love me?
Girl: Would you cheat on me?
Boy: Of course not
Girl: Will you marry me?
Boy: Yes
Girl: Babe
God bless the man in my local Sainsbury’s local
40 Mins left, he’s doing really well at university and next year Masters straight.
He was in shock when I told him how old I am!
Well sometimes I look my age
Other times I could pass for 10 Years younger
It depends on how much sleep I have.
Everyone over the age of 35 go to Sleep for 22 Hours and the shop keeper will be telling you the same thing