What are some of your favorite one liners?!

Odkac WRLD

جندي صومال
I wanna hear the funniest one line quips you got in your arsenal for everyday conversation.

A one liner used at the right time can be extremely funny and liven up a conversation.

The one liner can be in English, Somali, Arabic, or Shona.

The Sopranos taught me this one, actually The Sopranos taught me a whole arsenal of whips.
My favorite is responding with “your mother” to any insult. :mjpls:

This is probably my BEST one liner, got it from Sopranos.

Whenever a girl says “f*ck you” to me (I promise this doesn’t happen very often...kkk).

I say “your gonna have to take me on a date first!”.


Its a pretty good one!

Let me know your best one liners and quips!


I do something called "what I want"
No u

this ends everything and there is nothing you can say back to it
That's trash, overused, and cringe. I can accept women saying it becaause they're slow and not funny. But you should be better
"that's what she/he said" (the office)
"is that so?"
"_________ kulaha"
"suck a rock"
"make me"
confronting someone and then adding "rat" to the end of a sentence
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Bah Qabiil Fluid
What line pops up when you see this image? I use this often when I hear questionable antics from the iron deficient race