1. alien

    I'm ready to come out ⬛🟧

    My chosen sexuality assigned at birth is SUPERSTRAIGHT ⬛🟧 Meaning I am attracted to women of the XX chromosomes. Please be respectful of my sexuality, Dont be SUPERPHOBIC and hate crime me. This took a lot of courage and I hope I am welcome into this community and fully accepted by the somali...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    What are some of your favorite one liners?!

    I wanna hear the funniest one line quips you got in your arsenal for everyday conversation. A one liner used at the right time can be extremely funny and liven up a conversation. The one liner can be in English, Somali, Arabic, or Shona. The Sopranos taught me this one, actually The Sopranos...
  3. Daacad90

    Can anyone find me the Somali jokes that go...

    Could anyone please find the jokes that go like: "Nin reer mudug ah a..." I find them funny
  4. Calaf

    Post your voice thread "Af Somali only"

    Let hear your accents, your voice in Somali Which Accent do you have, Westernized or Normal. Are you #TeamFishandChips or #TeamFOB Or are you smarty pantisy and just speak general Somali. #TeamHoyoMaTallo are more then welcome here. The person with the best Somali is able to declare himself...
  5. A

    Wallahi the OG'S are funny

    Man thought the mic was a phone you know.
  6. SadioMane

    Do white people butcher your name?

    I always have to repeat my name ten times to white people. Then I have to spell out another 10x. I remember in school new teachers would be calling out the register and then fall silent on my name! I mean how hard is it to pronounce: Culusow Cabdiraxiim? Do white people mess up your names?
  7. wars

    I’m doing a Somalispot session. Now you can ask me anything for one whole week.

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know what a Somalispot session, was until someone asked me to do one and since I’m free for a week, i thought why not. I will dedicate my life’s work and knowledge to help better our community. And I will gladly answer your questions as sincerely and honestly as I...
  8. hindhisle

    Happy women's day

    Well hello there, its the day of women, 8th of march and i'm here to appreciate the greatest group of females god has ever created They have been described as beautiful, intelegent and among othere things. These women were far ahead of their peers that they were rulers of their own respective...
  9. U

    Somali Joke Thread - Ila Qosol

    Post funny clips/other media forms in Somali.