UK right winger calls out Somalilanders

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He sees through her cuqdad and warns UK not to be dragged into our fucked up politics.
He’s a random person calaacaling online lol if that Zac Goldsmith guy , the actual MP here said that thing it would be news
It’s not our fault we are the most high profile Somalis in London we been there the longest but this guy singles Isaaqs for once and you all forget the shit talking he has done to all Somalis? :chrisfreshhah:How are you laughing along with the guy who was making fun of you yesterday :mjlol:
daaamn old man knows whats up. any somali politician in the west I think we have a duty to found out their views on somalia before we support them


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Embarassing state of affairs :hemad:

Zac Goldsmith is a pure somaliland shill loooooool

I must commend them for getting a UK MP in their pocket even though he is whack :salute:
Your dp brings back memories wallahi. I never talked about that headbut in time...
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