1. The Somali Caesar

    NEWS British Home Secretary says BLM protests are dreadful

    I have a new found of respect for Pritti Patel I can’t lie. She basically said in a polite way f*ck BLM protests and she disagrees with taking a knee for a deceased felon :sass2:
  2. CaliTedesse

    Why are the Somali communities booming in Canada and USA

    I mean they have many shops and malls and businesses etc. Yet those UK rats have lived there for a century and are still at phase 1, the start almost nothing has changed for these bimbos, of course you have some exceptions. I blame the welfare.
  3. Cazzo

    Muslim Man Assaulted By Alt-right Liverpool

    I'm crying, guys :jcoleno::jcoleno:Y'all know this would be blowing up across the right-winged community if the roles were reversed. This week in Brietbart: MUSLIM MAN SEXUALLY ASSAULTS INNOCENT BRITISH WOMAN. Wallahi, gaals are literal :trash: P.S @Reer UK, is this how y'all legit talk...
  4. GBTarmy

    UK right winger calls out Somalilanders

    This is one hell of an informed cadaan:chrisfreshhah::chrisfreshhah:
  5. GBTarmy

    The Theresa May dance has reached Somaliland

    whats the difference between Somaliland and French colonized African nations? lol they all worship their slave masters kkkkkk:drakelaugh: here is the original dance
  6. DRACO

    S/Land Delegation in the Britain

    Somaliland’s FM Meets with members of British parliament Somaliland delegation led by the foreign minister & international cooperation, Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire is in the UK. The FM attended a meeting held at the British parliament which was organized by friends of Somaliland party within in the...
  7. Xooshdheere

    Somalia's Golden age of Music

    In this explainer video, learn what political, social, and cultural forces forged Somalia's golden age of music, what caused its demise, and why a new golden age is happening right now. 1887-1960 = 73 years with resistance, not centuries of colonialism. Language, culture, religion and gene...
  8. Xooshdheere

    Somalia's strategic location, blessing or a curse?

    Wars in Somalia have their roots in Bab El Mandeb Strait Geopolitics. Survival Education in Geo-strategy is a must. The British were the first to notice Somalia's strategic importance, hence the Dervish War, and the USSR allying with the SDR to control the seas. The Interiontial community...
  9. Xooshdheere

    Daraawiish Poems

    The Death of Richard Corfield He Who Had Stamina Gained his Intent
  10. Aden

    Somali vs West Indian

    'I joined a ship, which went to Liverpool, then to Lisbon. I was the only Somali on board; the rest of the crew consisted of a West Indian called Moses, a German, a Pole, and two jolly Irishmen. The German and I became great friends. Moses and I were put on the same watch: Moses worked the port...
  11. Grigori Rasputin

    BREaking NEWS! Mo Farah demolished by an Ethiopian, cries! His stepdaughter cried, wife stoic

    The good news is that an Ethiopian Muslim Oromo dethroned him. :salute::salute: He did the sujuud What a strategy the Ethiopian used! He got blocked by two Ethiopians while allowing another Ethiopian to run from the out flank where he sped off like mereexaan getting chased in the 1991 war of...
  12. Madara x

    French Somalia: Which nation was (and still is) paid to supervise Somalia?

    Greetings Fellow Somali's, The answer to the question that I've mentioned in the thread-title, has been presented in section 9.0 of the my Somali-History video-presentation series. Please watch it below, and give me some feed back on my youtube channel and on this thread . . . :nvjpqts...
  13. M

    British MP shot twice and stabbed by assailant

    :browtf: He shouted "Britain First". It's time to get the heck off this grey island. BREAKING NEWS: Labour MP fighting for life after being shot three times - once in the head - by attacker 'who shouted Britain First then kicked her while she lay bleeding from the face'...