Trigger Warning Toronto Xaliimo waits months for her Madoow-Mareykan frm Chiraq to enter Canada. Only for her to take his last name.


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Horta why would she change her last name ?

2ndly whats with these somali girls named Amal changing their last name I swear theres one called Amal Omari


Gang shxt we in dis bxtch, huruud on deck!
Lol ummm chilee, he impregnated her, he better put a ring on her tf, why act surprised? Lol, but that’s just me... I guess :damsel:
War illeen balaayo, he got a cute one :mjkkk:

Aint gon lie, I don’t view ajanabis as competition or obstacle, fuck that nigga gone do . She seems not that religious which is perfect for little exictement


Nuur Caraale ii geeya!
Looks indistinguishable from a normal AA women
The hijab is what makes the difference than
It’s because of the wig, afka la kalaa qaadey and the boatload of makeup. With a normal smile, natural hair and no makeup, she’d probably look pretty Somali...

How could she abandon her prestigious, ancient last name for a name gifted by a white slave owner?
Why is this trigger warning? :kodaksmiley:

Ain't nobody mad this nigga bagged this hóe :westbrookwtf:

Look at her tongue, it's been places :wowsweat:
A lot of these Somali niggas are tender about these girls, it’s so funny wlh. They think it’s their job to make sure every Somali female is with a Somali guy. I call them pussy patrol ass niggas.

Only a jareeŕ will look at a Xalimo like this.
The man is staring at his girl like she some typa unicorn. Only Faraxs will look at her & go,
"Yup, she a solid 2-" :mjdontkno: :mjlol:
eww ur so bitter its disgusting shes beautiful n would never look ur way n her man is handsome somali men who talk down on people r usually not even cute show urself before u judge others